Meet Our Clinic Of The Month, skinfocus, NZ!

by | 7 May 2020

skinfocus sprang up almost 8 years ago in the cool little inner-city suburb of Aro Valley in Wellington NZ. A beautiful mix of weatherboard cottages, hipster cafes and microbreweries and a strong “green” community.

“At the moment Courtney and I (Helen, clinic owner/operator) are the only staff at skinfocus. We’ll be looking for another keen Skin Treatment Therapist once business resumes after social distancing measures have relaxed”. skinfocus is a vibrant clinic where clients and staff alike come to have a laugh. “I’m super lucky to have Courtney who is full time admin and the clients love her. She’s an expert in customer service, so she keeps everyone happy. And a self-confessed social media addict to keep us current in the digital arena. Thank goodness! We’re a great little team and easy adaptors. With the current climate we were searching for new ways to connect with our clients to provide the level of care and service that we would in person. With our new website already in the works, we took this opportunity to bring skinfocus into the digital sphere. And as a result of this we are now offering Remote Skin Analysis and a unique way for our clients to re-order their prescriptions with ease via our brand new website”.


1. What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Our Clients. “I can’t believe I get to hang out with these strong, independent, intelligent yet humble people. It’s my absolute privilege and I can’t believe this is my job! I learn so much from my clients. Most of the time, people find me when they have exhausted most avenues in their quest for skin health. They have ‘been around the block’ enough times to know when someone has their best interests at heart. We are genuinely in this business to get long term skin health results for our clients in the #skinfocusfamily. And I bet I can speak for all dermaviduals stockists when I say; there’s no other feeling like it in the world when you have helped someone gain their confidence back through holistic skin health. It makes a huge difference to people’s lives!”


2. What is your personal mantra?

‘Everyone’s just trying their best.’ “I heard this from a Bhuddist Monk when I needed it most. And it just made so much click into place for me. It means, you never know where someone has come from. You never know where someone has been in their life to lead them up to this point in time. The way someone reacts has everything to do with all the tiny pieces of their life leading up to now. And you will never know the intricacies of that. Even if you’ve known this person all your life. So, this mantra helps me to try to be more understanding of others. Everyone’s just trying their best to get through life the best way they know how. Pretty cool hey?”


3. How has dermaviduals assisted your business?

“I found dermaviduals before I opened my clinic 8 years ago. I knew as soon as I heard about it that I wanted to work with this product. Not only has dermaviduals helped my clinic be more credible and more profitable, (this amazing product sells itself, because it works.) I think dermaviduals has catapulted clinics that stock it, into a whole new realm. Skin clinics that treat serious skin conditions work with dermaviduals. This ain’t no beauty brand! And, so being able to help the most depleted of skins come back to health and happiness has got to be a game changer”.


4. What is your favourite dermaviduals product and why?

Total Cleansing Cream. “With its gel-like “face wash” consistency without stripping the skin, it’s a marvellous product for clients that have been used to a foaming cleanser that we don’t want them to use anymore. I have tested this. After cleansing with the Total Cleansing Cream, I popped my head into a black light machine that we have at the clinic and there was a beautiful layer of essential fatty acids all over my skin, yet it felt so clean. Genius!”


5. What is your number one skin care tip, especially during the recent ISO period?

Get the masks out! “I have taken a measure of our clients’ skin over lockdown and it’s been interesting. Those who have found it a very stressful time, have had some bad skin problems pop up. Those who have taken this time to finally relax and just enjoy this very unique period mother nature has handed to us; have had improvements with their skin. So clearly; keeping a balanced mental state is key. But across the board, a build-up of dead skin seems to be the main concern so, gift yourself an “at home” facial and indulge in a skin treatment mask. We cannot wait for the new dermaviduals Individualised Mask to come out. It’s going to be great for our new “At Home” facial kits we’re launching for Mother’s Day and those who are missing their-in-clinic treatments”.


6. What sets your clinic/treatments apart?

Here at skinfocus we pride ourselves on support. The skinfocus client experience doesn’t finish when they leave the clinic. The guidance and education follow them home. I have worked tirelessly to create a system that feels personalised and full of easy to digest education. There is a lot of information to take in during an analysis or a skin treatment. And I felt what our clients needed was a home care plan that was set out very clearly, especially after a treatment such as Microneedling. As your skin is going through many transformations, it’s very reassuring to have someone checking in and letting you know what’s normal. We also give support to our customers before they see us for a treatment. This is best practice and offers after care advice up front so the client isn’t going to be in a situation that will be detrimental to their treatment afterwards. We have great communication with our customers. And they know that they can come to us with anything. The feedback we get from them is so valuable”.


We are also proud to share, we were successful in 2019, winning the following dermaviduals awards:
Consumers’ Choice – Winner
Corneotherapist of the year – Runner up
Excellence in marketing – Runner up
Senior Therapist of the Year – Runner up
Clinic of the Year – Highly commended


7. How you have managed your business through this recent period of Covid-19 Lockdown?

We miss our clients so much through this recent period of COVID-19 and we can’t wait to meet our new clients out there. So, through social media we have offered practical, non-product aligned advice, foundational health, so that people have a head start with their skin health before we either see them for a ‘Remote Skin Analysis’ or back in the clinic for some skin changing treatments.

8. And finally tell us about your recent interview with CAUGHLEY?

Well, in March, I was invited to share my story with a local fashion company, CAUGHLEY. Nestled down Ghuznee Street in the thriving creative heart of Wellington’s Cuba Quarter you’ll find CAUGHLEY – Founded in 2015 by Rachael Caughley, the store is home to carefully selected pieces from coveted international brands and emerging New Zealand designers. I was excited to talk with Rachael and you can discover my interview with her on her website: CAUGHLEY.


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