Meet Our Clinic of the Month, Soul Awaken Skin Therapies!

by | 1 February 2020

Soul Awaken Skin Therapies, is located in the suburb of Glenelg Beach in Adelaide, South Australia and is our February 2020 Clinic of the Month! Owner, Kathleen loves talking skin and sharing her knowledge, and sat down with us to tell us about her skin sanctuary. “I am a solo therapist, working alongside my two beautiful admin assistants and my main focus is to take clients down a skin transformation journey. 80% of the time I am helping my clients to achieve their skin goals and for the remainder I am providing Remedial Massage Therapy. If I was to summarise my therapy style, I would say that my practice is firstly guided by scientific literature and then secondly influenced by core relaxation principles. My clients are very lucky because they receive a beautiful blend of science, holistic therapies and spiritual practices when they come to see me.”



What drives your passion for skin health and education?

“Results. The more I learn, the better results I am able to achieve for my clients. That is a huge motivation, however I do genuinely get excited about education and I actually read skin science journal articles for fun!”



What’s your favourite thing about your job?

“100% the relationships that I build with my clients. I love taking them along a skin transformation journey which firstly involves us getting to know each other. Once I have began to develop a relationship with them, I can then personalise their journey to suit their lifestyle. The skin transformation journey that I take my clients on, not only includes dermaviduals bespoke skincare, but it includes me educating them about their skin and giving them the knowledge and tools they need to have beautiful healthy skin in the long-term. I also love seeing how they transform as a person, especially when they are finally free from a condition like acne vulgaris. It is so beautiful to see them regain their confidence and seeing them interact with the world in a more positive light, I feel very grateful for the role I get to play in creating this for them.”



Has dermaviduals changed your business?

“Well, I launched my business with dermaviduals, but I can confidently say that without them I wouldn’t have become the Corneotherapist/Skin Therapist I am today. Because dermaviduals is big on education, evidence-based literature and networking with other skilled therapists, I have seen so many learning opportunities arise. It has not only transformed my business into an education-focused clinic but it has transformed me as a professional, and for that I will always be grateful for dermaviduals.”



What is your favourite product and why?

“I have many favourites, but hands down I would have to say Cleansing Milk with DMS because of the results it delivers for my clients. Its primary objective is to gently cleanse, which it does brilliantly, but I also love that I can prescribe it as a moisturiser for a short time. Because of its barrier healing properties, I sometimes get my clients to apply it like they would a moisturiser. By prescribing Cleansing Milk with DMS in this way I am able to begin healing their impaired barrier while reducing the amount of new ingredients their skin is exposed to. I have seen great results so far and my clients love knowing that if they ever run out of their prescribed moisturiser, they can use their Cleansing Milk with DMS as a substitute until they come into the clinic next. It’s an amazing product and works beautifully with the dermaviduals Essential Cleansing Cloth when taking off makeup.”



What’s your top skin care tip?

“Stop exfoliating! Most people think I’m crazy when I say this, but most of the time your skin just needs a break from it. I see exfoliation as a luxury for healthy skin, and unfortunately, if you have a skin condition such as acne vulgaris or if you’re suffering from irritation and redness, you’re not in a position to be ablating your skin’s top layer. Exfoliating a damaged skin is like pouring fuel into a fire, you are only going to end up with more inflammation and irritation. My approach is to heal your skin from within with the use of topical active ingredients which will ultimately bring your skin back to balance, allowing you to achieve skin health.”



What can people expect when they follow you on social media?

“Skin education. I have planned out my social media content like you would an education curriculum. I have content planned until August 2020 which revolves around teaching my clients HOW to look after their skin in a very easy to understand way. My aim is to give my clients the very best information regarding their skin so they feel empowered about making skin decisions. PS – you may also find the occasional inspirational quote or adorable puppy video too!”

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