Meet Our Clinic Of The Month, Thistle and Rose

by | 1 July 2020


Thistle and Rose is a boutique clinic where we offer only the services in which we adore and truly believe in. Skin sits sky high on our “Love List”. All three of us (therapists) are fully immersed in practising what we preach and leading a skin health-focused lifestyle. You will find us educating ourselves regularly whether that be reading a skin or gut book, attending face to face training, catching a recorded webinar after hours because you know skin is life right(?!), scrolling through the ‘gram watching extraction videos (guilty) or waking up at 3:00am to research the name of that mucosal lining that protects against gut/skin food allergies (double guilty!).



Each of us specialise in something slightly different so we complement each other by drawing on our strengths and pooling them together enabling our clients to get the most optimal results possible. For example, we have a therapist who loves doing makeup, so she appreciates a smooth skin texture that DECO can glide onto flawlessly, whereas another therapist thrives on giving our clients an experience that combines sensory enjoyment crossed with optimal results. And me, well, I love leading our ponies (clients hehe) to the magical pond, and explaining to them how incredible the sparkly water (the skincare life!) is in hope that they nod and neigh and lap it up. Then when they turn into unicorns (their skin is plump and radiating from all their home care and clinic treatments) I know I’ve done my job successfully!
….. Name a better trio?!



We recently moved from a small, intimate open-plan studio located in the upper echelon suburb of Perth, Subiaco, which housed two treatment stations to a clinic approximately 1km from CBD as we were inundated with Dermaviduals skin journey requests and were at our maximum capacity in terms of treatment room!



Our new space is a large chic clinic with three treatment rooms, four brow & makeup stations, and five hair stations and we are living for our new environment. Every time a client walks in we see their eyes light up; immediately they know they have found their forever skin home! Think white, light and bright, windows lining 2/3 of our premises, clean black Nordic lines, simple and elegant decor loaded with greenery which we care for dearly, including giving our plants as much light as possible (yes we have been known to put them under the LED skin machine when in need of a pick me up). Hey, if we can keep plants alive, imagine what we can do for your skin!!!



What’s your favourite thing about your job?
As the founder and director of Thistle and Rose, I get a buzz when we receive positive engagement and feedback from our clients. It might simply be someone who’s snapped a cute picture and tagged us on social media because they’re loving the way they feel about themselves as a result of our TLC. It might be the email that we get back from a client saying she was so happy with her skin that she went to the beach with her friends with no makeup on for the first time ever. It might be a new client contacting us saying that their friend recommended us because we helped her out so much with her ‘skinsecurities’ and now she wants everyone to have those same feelings of inner goddess and freedom. It’s the people we help that make the biggest impact on us as a clinic. That’s why we come to work, and that’s why we love what we do. It tickles me blush. Restoring clients confidence and hearing all about it, IS WHAT MAKES ME FROTH.

What is your personal mantra?
Everything must be executed at only the finest quality.
I personally believe that there is no room for sub-par in anything in life. If you are an existing client of ours, you will click straight away as to what I mean by this as we do whatever we can to give our services everything we have. As a self-confessed consumer-a-holic, I understand how frustrating it can be to interact with a beauty provider who isn’t fully invested in you as a client, or doesn’t have their entire focus on your results. Our clients rate us highly, and we plan to uphold this reputation.



How has dermaviduals assisted your business?
Since partnering with Dermaviduals, we have been able to adjust our home care recommendations so that every client is catered and cared for. Being able to tailor cocktails of hero ingredients into cleansers, serums and moisturisers means that we can target and meet our clients specific needs. Whether they are just starting out in the skincare world with no real conditions present, whether they are oncology patients, whether they are newborn babies or even our clients pets (yes we have advised how to treat fur and paws too) and we are confident that will be able to help. We have found that this is not possible with any other range we have met on the market.

We have also found that turning to the bright side of the skin world and embodying the philosophy of Corneotherapy, our treatment protocols have been streamlined. It takes the guesswork out of which treatment pathways to recommend. Because we no longer damage the skin using abrasive microdermabrasion or chemically stripping peels, we don’t cause adverse reactions which we would normally need to consider whether the results outweigh the damage caused. We know that every treatment we offer is going to be taking several steps forward, and no steps backward. We can still exercise our artistic creativity with treatment plans that us therapists crave, but now we can execute them with more conviction.

At our clinic, we are known for bespoke skin treatments however we are also well known for Cosmetic Tattoo treatments. (eeeeeeep- this is where I ever do humbly drop-in that I’ve won four awards for Cosmetic Tattoo in Australia.) I have found that clients prepping their skin before Cosmetic Tattooing with a dermaviduals home care range and in-clinic treatments has been an absolute godsend when it comes to my tattooing career. Tattoo pigment is implanted into the second layer of the skin, the (papillary and superficial reticular) dermis, and is suspended within the collagen and elastin network. For an evenly distributed layer of colour, the dermis needs to be “volumptuous, and the epidermis needs to be layered with juicy keratinocytes, filled with phospholipids and cytoplasm. If it isn’t, the skin can be thinner in some areas and thicker in others. This creates a mottled effect to the tattoo pigment once healed, resulting in Cosmetic Tattoo which isn’t as flawless as it could be. If we don’t have a healthy, functioning skin before tattooing, we just can’t expect the optimal results which we all desire.

Not only do we prep with Cosmetic Tattoo, we also use Dermaviduals products to heal the skin immediately post-procedure. The beauty is that we are able to use one of the home care products to apply directly onto broken skin and wounds. Which is what a tattoo is. Being able to replace the barrier by using this concoction of vegetable oils means that the skin can heal more quickly, with minimised risk of infection. And as a flow-on effect, the Heat Shock Protein 47 is less likely to be activated for the same amount of time therefore less scarring and better longevity of the client’s tattoo life. WIN, WIN!!!



What is your favourite dermaviduals product and why?
Oh my goodness, I thought you would never ask!!! My favourite product HAS to be Lotion N. Without any hesitation. You know what? It just makes me feel like I’m Cleopatra bathing in almond milk. The high nature-identical vegetable oil content including EFA’s regenerates the natural skin barrier and supports the prevention of dry and neurodermatitic skin.

It comes in a spray bottle which I douse my palms in, then massage it all over my face, front and back of neck, décolleté right down to and over the nips. I come back for round two and apply to my full arms and shoulders and bask in that glory for a minute until the nanoparticles drop it into the deeper layers of the epidermis. Mmmm mmmmmmmmm. Sometimes I run the remnants on my fingers through the ends of my hair to reduce frizz.

Now if I can be cheeky, I would like to add that Oleogel Plus is my second favourite. But it would be too cheeky to consume more of your attention with the reasoning for this (but let’s just say it has mannnnyyyy uses and I’m a fan of all of them).

What is your number one skincare tip, especially during the recent ISO period?
My number one skincare tip is to treat the skin both from the outside and also from within. It is no secret that the skin is a site responding to what is going on on the inside. One of my skin idols, dermaviduals’ very own Simone Vescio says that “everything we see, think and feel” has a huge impact on our lives, and I’ve seen it time and time again with our clients’ skin.

This means that what we apply to the skin, what we eat and drink, our lifestyle/ environment, and the thoughts and emotions we manifest all play a part in how your skin will respond, it’s function and it’s appearance.

At Thistle and Rose, we have worked out a wonderful coaching system where we begin by advising and introducing home skincare, gut care, and treatments. We talk about how some activities can help heal and settle the mind and then with chronic conditions we may also choose to work alongside one of the naturopaths we have collaborated with to treat the internal systems more intensely. We have curated mind-blowing results from this holistic approach.

That number one skin tip is closely followed by my number two skin tip which is consistency. Every single day we have two opportunities to nourish our skin externally, being in the morning and in the evening. If we are consistent with using our skincare both of a morning and night, we are feeding the skin with targeted nutrients twice per day. This means less chance for pathogens to enter, more chance to gain cell protectors, and full steam ahead with results twice as quickly as only using skincare at home once per day.

We also have several opportunities to nourish the skin from the inside on a daily basis. So what do our unicorns eat and drink? They feed their good bacteria with fibre dense plant foods. They introduce as many Essential Fatty Acids to their plate and smoothies. They diversify their food types eating at least 30+ different plant-based foods weekly. They increase their amino acid intake. They drink that from the fountain of youth (aka water). They take regular courses of digestive aids such as herbs and probiotics. And they take their time to do all of this as opposed to scoffing back their food and not allowing the body it’s right of passage of being able to rest and digest.

In regards to post isolation, I would recommend that you book in for a full Skin Consult or a full Skin Review with your prescribing Corneotherapist to assess how your skin currently presents. During isolation, the skin was bound to have undergone many changes as a result of an unprecedented environment be that working from a different physical space (think more or less exercise, more or less light exposure, temperature/ aircon, maybe not working, etc) a different mind space (think more or less stressed, change of emotions) and of course a different diet (think that other magical unicorn juice- YES I’m talking about wine this time you delicious thing you!).



What sets your clinic/treatments apart?
We are so lucky to have found Corneotherapy and label ourselves as Practising Corneotherapists. For us, this means we practise what we preach and we educate ourselves to be able to understand the skin, which is what we believe to be the most interesting living organ. These things have helped us ignite the spark from within. The spark we want to pass onto our clients. Which is why I would have to say that our consulting process sets our clinic apart by miles.

The biggest thing for me is giving the clients the power to help themselves. Power stems from knowledge. When a client first comes to us with interest in their skin, we will always recommend a full Skin Consultation with myself. During this 60 minute appointment (ok, let’s be real, after all my wholehearted skin yabbering it’s more like 75mins) I fully explain how the client’s skin is functioning, what we need to adjust and the reason behind it. Once our clients have this knowledge, they have a lightbulb moment where they click and realise what needs to be done to achieve results, therefore they become compliant with their home skin responsibilities. They understand what they need to do and why, and get excited to do those things. Caring for their skin becomes enjoyable rather than a chore. From there, we begin their Skin Transformation Journey as a fully compliant client. Which leads to incredible results!

If you are a new client and are ready to take the leap and let us look after you, please be prepared that we will grab hold of you and take you under our wing with love and light.

Having suffered from chronic inflammation and eczema my whole life, I feel I truly understand how inflammatory skin conditions affect both the skin itself and the person as a whole and can relate to anyone who has struggled. I’ve been bandied between specialists time and time again where I end up being broke in the skin health department and bank account deficit. It’s because of this, every day I am working towards becoming the most educated Skin Therapist and Eczema Extraordinare to roam the planet(!), well at least Australia and New Zealand for a start, leading the way with any dermatitis related skin conditions. If you’re experiencing any chronic skin conditions, or haven’t yet got yourself set up with a proper regime, please do us a favour;

  • follow us on social media and read & watch all of our informative posts
  • and reach out and let us take care of you and your skin by looking for a Consultation.

Your best skin starts now. Not tomorrow. Not only leading up to a milestone. What you don’t do today, you will regret in time to come

I want to be part of your positive reflections, not your regrets.

xx Emma Rose at Thistle and Rose