Meet Our Eco-Friendly Clinic of the Month, MySkinSpa!

by | 1 October 2018

MySkinSpa is owned and run by Paula Cliffin who has a passion for education (herself and passing this onto her clients) and the environment! Paula chatted to us about her skin sanctuary, located in the beautiful Raby Bay Harbour.


MySkinSpa, a sustainable salon


“I am a soloist & work to appointment. I am lucky enough to practise my craft in the most beautiful location, Raby Bay Harbour in Cleveland, Queensland. My journey in the industry is a long one, having practised for nearly 3 decades in New Zealand & Australia. I have been in my current location for just over 12 months, the intentional fit-out was done with no emission paints and floors, oxygenating tap which means I don’t need to put cleaners into our waterways, living plants for oxygen exchange & everything (except for organic waste, which is composted) I use in the clinic is recycled and upcycled by a not-for-profit organisation, Sustainable Salons Australia & NZ, which funnels any profit back into our community – I just love that!”



Education, the best part of the job


“Educating clients to wade through the multi-billion-dollar industry marketing BS to make informed, sound decisions about what they put on & into their skins & how this relates to our environment is my favourite part of my job. Education of myself is the cornerstone of my business & has & always will be a constant for me. Yes, you had better believe at 52, I am nowhere near done with wanting to know more and I won’t be for a long time yet!”



Daily gratitude


“Gratitude – daily! There is always, always something to be grateful for. I am very privileged to work with many clients battling chronic, sometimes terminal illness. They ALWAYS have a smile for me, share their life memories with me and remain so, so positive in the face of sometimes very grave odds. The human spirit never fails to move & inspire me. I know I am part of something very precious & special. I passionately want all clients faced with health challenges to be looked after by therapists who are educated to know what they can and can’t do. I don’t want any client looking for help with their skin through health challenges to be turned away because of lack of education. I have seen skin come through extreme illness with a bit of coaching & support and the right ingredients. Depending on what treatments are being undertaken depends on what ingredients need to be used. Knowledge is power!”



Corneotherapist, through and through


“I always wondered how one pot of cream could suit 10 million men and women! I always asked the hard questions of skincare lines and never got the answers. I now know I have been a Corneotherapist my whole working career, I just didn’t know it. I have always believed in the repair and maintenance of skin barrier defence systems & keeping those beautiful cells we can feel and touch everyday intact at all times. Because dermaviduals is a completely bespoke corneotherapeutic range with no nasties, is manufactured in very small batches & in aseptic conditions (which is just so extremely important) and not tested on animals – it fits me and my clients like a glove. Corneotherapy is the latest catch-word, but beware because there are very limited certified corneotherapeutic ranges out there. What you put on and into your skin (and into our waterways) is so, so important – the right skincare with targeted ingredients and customisation is the name of the game now, more than ever before. One size does not fit all when it comes to skin anymore. Clients want & deserve to be completely educated on ingredients & barrier function. When it comes to clients battling for their lives, it is vital there is a clear understanding about what goes on & into their skins by both parties.”



Novrithen love


“I have had auto-immune health issues for the past 12 months, which has affected my skin. It has been great for me to be on the other side of the fence when it comes to skin. I have never had a skin problem in my life – so this has really changed how I think about skin challenges and the immune system. Novrithen is my go-to, not only for myself but for clients with skin challenges. It is light yet nourishing & I love that I can say, takes the itch right out. Novrithen contains urea, primrose oil and DMS. Urea increases skin hydration. Evening primrose oil has a high content of essential fatty acids, especially of gamma-linolenic acid and linoleic acid, which are very important for restoring the natural skin barrier. DMS is an abbreviation for Derma Membrane Structure, an active agent complex consisting of sebum-compatible triglycerides, shea butter, squalane and phosphatidylcholine (PC). Especially PC, the most important cell membrane component, is an active rebuilding material for the natural skin barrier.”



A tip for those guilty of over-cleansing


In a nation of over cleaners & exfoliators, my best skin advice is to cleanse & exfoliate less and allow your microbiome (after all your skin is covered in it) to do what it has been created to do. Your skin is the home to a trillion organisms, you have a complete & diverse microscopic universe right there on your skin. Please stop over cleansing and washing it down the drain! That’s right – you can literally wash this perfectly balanced environment, given to you by nature, down your sink. It may take up to 24 hours to rebuild. When you do your skincare routine tonight, ask yourself: do I know what is in my products? Should I be putting a brightly coloured cream/gel/liquid onto my skin or down my sink? This does smell good enough to eat, why? Do I know this has not been tested on animals? How has this been manufactured? Some of these are hard questions, for the sake of your barrier, our animals and environment – answer them!”



Keeping up with the industry


“This is going to sound like I am repeating myself, I guess I am; education is key! If your therapist is not looking at your skin in 3D & thinking about specific ingredients your skin needs at any given time – then it is guesswork. We need to keep abreast of constant industry changes. When I started in the industry skin typing was very different to what it is today, although I hear some in the industry still use “combination skins” amongst others, oh please! I use clinical diagnostic equipment to ensure I get the right information from the 1-hour skin assessment, formulate a treatment plan & goals to get started. Time also sets me apart from my competitors, I allow enough time so my clients are not banging into one another, clients don’t feel like they are being rushed & I don’t feel stressed treating them. I am fortunate to be in a position which allows me to do this.”



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