Meet Our March Clinic of the Month, Halo Hair & Body Beauty!

by | 1 March 2019

Our Clinic of the Month for March 2019, Halo Hair & Beauty Body, service the North Brisbane area from top to toe! Business partners, Sherie & Jen both have their strengths: hair and beauty respectively. They have been open for 8 years and today they now have a team of 8.



We spoke to co-owner Jen, who heads up Halo’s beauty side to see what makes her skin brain tick. “I have been living and breathing beauty therapy for 18 years now! I started when I was really young but fell in love with the industry immediately. I had horrific cystic acne for years, so it’s only natural that I moved in the direction of helping others”



“We have the hardest working team who have the biggest hearts! You see this with their client following. They are amazingly talented, genuine and sweet. We only started being a ‘skin’ salon 5 years ago. Before that we focused on waxing, tanning and makeup but we saw the need to help answer skin concerns so we decided to educate ourselves further in skin which led us to the Derma Family! We have been part of the Derma Family for nearly a year now and it has been an amazing journey! Finally I have the tools for myself and my team to be able to treat and nourish skin – no more unnecessary peeling, scrubbing and stripping! We are still continuously learning and I can’t see that stopping anytime soon. We love it, plus I believe that knowledge is power! We’ve been able to answer so many skin concerns and transform every skin we touch since we introduced dermaviduals. It has given us therapists a renewed confidence in working with every skin we come in contact with. I love the education dermaviduals provides and the guidance from the company is second to none. I read somewhere and totally agree that once you understand how the skin functions and what is required to maintain a healthy skin function you can recognise the fads in the industry.”



“My favourite thing about my job is my clients and the connections we build! We meet and treat amazing women every day and have beautiful, loyal clients. I love when a client walks out from a treatment with a gentle smile on her face and a calmness overall – a completely different person to when she first walked in! I always believe in the “old fashioned” facial – totally hands on with long, flowing movements. We treat the skin but we also calm the mind. Facials are for the skin’s health but also for the mind’s health; so important! When you walk in from reception into the beauty area, the soundproof door to that hallway is closed and each client is then hit with calming sounds and candles burning with relaxing scents burning engage and soothe the senses. We have created a space for every individual to feel comfortable, loved and cared for.”



“We believe that it is our genuine, down-to-earth and caring nature that sees our clients returning time and time again. We love our clients and they are a part of our Halo Family. We always go above and beyond for whatever they need; we love spoiling them! We never push clients into taking what they don’t need and we totally understand busy lifestyles, so we make sure we don’t overwhelm, instead, we take things slowly, one step at a time, not throwing a heap of products their way. We believe in educating our clients and guiding them to a more natural way.”



“There are too many dermaviduals products I love to pick a favourite! Personally, for my skin I love the Suusmoon Lotion P and PlutioDerm Plus. Being a true oily skin, these have changed my world! I also really love Bespoke Serums – being able to customise exactly what the skin needs is just mind-blowing! Your skin never stays the same nor is any two skins the same, so the ability to create a skin changing product for that individual skin is life changing.”



To learn more about Halo Hair & Body Beauty, check out their website and follow them on Facebook & Instagram!