Meet Our May Clinic of the Month, Plume Holistic Skin Therapies!

by | 1 May 2018

Our Clinic of the Month for May 2018 is Plume Holistic Skin Therapies. Janet, Plume’s owner and head skin therapist, and her team are deeply passionate about skin health and helping their clients achieve it through self-empowerment & education.


“Drawing from many decades of combined experience within the beauty industry has allowed us to develop a very clear direction as to where we want our skin health journey to go. It is an exciting time to be learning and training further as the health industry realises the power of the body and how we best assist it to good health, our skin included. Nutrition and lifestyle have such strong influence, we can educate our clients to have greater awareness, therefore, take greater control.”



“At Plume, we endeavour to give our clients personalised care and prescription to products and treatment plans. As an exclusive dermaviduals clinic, we offer a clear and concise approach to improving skin condition for the long term, not just a quick fix. dermaviduals give us the means to improve the general skin health and also to target particular conditions and issues for the individual. The results are there and this helps to build trust and faith that the products really do work!”



“Giving our clients a relaxed environment is paramount to receiving the full benefits of a professional skin therapy treatment. The tranquil aesthetics of the treatment rooms match the quality of the dermaviduals products used and LED light therapies we provide. Our clients love the feeling of the space and are ready to enjoy the treatments whilst we get to do what we love most, creating healthy skin.”



“Plume Holistic Skin Therapies is in the inner northern suburb of Ashgrove in Brisbane. Surrounded by medical and health professionals within the central business district; we are well positioned to meet those looking to care for their body and ultimately their skin. Helping the body heal with the right products, in-clinic treatments and working with allied health professionals to maximise the efforts to greater skin health, assists our clients to reach goals with their skin and build self-confidence. Having a realistic attitude to results and celebrating the outcomes when they arrive is so important.”



“Our version of holistic skin health is looking at the big picture and helping our clients understand what is happening to them. Running regular workshops for our clientele gives the opportunity for them to learn what can be done and why we would choose to add that to their regime. Micro-needling, nutritional support and relaxation techniques are some of the favourites. Education is the key.”



“dermaviduals deco foundation and the makeup range are definitely a favourite product. Often the difference between great skin and brilliant skin. The deco base can be the final piece in the skincare puzzle for many. Knowing that the makeup being worn by clients is compatible with “cleansing, protecting” regime prescribed, can make all the difference. As for as customised pigment, that is an incredible bonus. Clients love it and so do we.”



“Much of the advice we offer clients beyond what they put on their skin is to increase essential fatty acids in their diet, discover a way to relax daily and get quality sleep. All ways to help your body help itself. At Plume Holistic Skin Therapies we are passionate about helping improve skin health and helping more people make conscious choices to take care of themselves.”



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