Meet Our Stellar Clinic of the Month!

by | 1 November 2019

Stellar Skin + Body is made up of a small team of highly motivated and passionate professionals who are dedicated to providing high-quality treatments and products. You’ll find no trends, fads or gimmicks here! We chatted with owner, Jacqui, about their skin-loving space: “We like to think of ourselves as a modern yet simple, gender-neutral clinic that is a relaxing, quiet and welcoming space for anyone.” Located in Golden Square, Bendigo they are nestled away in the back streets with plenty of free parking for everyone – with only a short 5 – 10 metre walk to the front door, it’s extremely easy and convenient to access Stellar Skin & Body (win!).



“We put a lot of effort into making everything we do, how we do it, and why we do it very open, honest and transparent. No ‘pussy-footing’ around or surprises so to speak! We like to tell it how it is. We don’t want to create unrealistic expectations or make clients feel like they’ve been misled in any way, or pushed and prodded into purchasing expensive treatments and products that are not suitable for them. We want our clients to feel like they’ve been heard and respected and not treated like just another number. We want to get to know them, their skin, their expectations and goals and we want them to feel comfortable and confident that they’ve made the right choice by choosing us. In an industry that is flooded with gimmicks, quick-fixes, misleading and deceptive behaviour – we like to think we are heading in the opposite direction and making a real and long-lasting difference to people’s lives.”



What is your personal mantra?

“Dau Voire said, “I just want to be happy, make a difference, love, be loved, learn, create, laugh, stay fresh and look good naked,” I think that just about sums it up!”



How has dermaviduals assisted your business?

“Since starting my studies in 2006, I have very much enjoyed the ability to help people feel comfortable in their own skin. But it all seemed to be very superficial – chasing aesthetics rather than true skin health. I wanted the results without compromising the integrity of the skin and was growing tired of the same micro, peel and repeat processes and was craving something more. Since introducing dermaviduals to Stellar Skin + Body, I have grown so much both personally and professionally. My love, appreciation and knowledge of all things skin continues to grow every day. I’m so excited to not only work with aesthetics and anti-ageing but now being able to help those in oncology and suffering from inflammatory conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. Why compromise skin health for aesthetics, when aesthetics is a consequence of skin health!”



What is your favourite dermaviduals product and why?

“This is tough because I absolutely love them all, but if I could only pick one, it would be Tenfione Semisomal Bath Oil! Most of us suffer from dry skin over our bodies, whether it is due to eczema, dermatitis, post-sun exposure, menopause, and so on. I find Tenfione an incredibly effective yet relaxing way to saturate the whole body with delicious nutrients while being anti-inflammatory, hydrating, and calming, even for children. But it is so much more than just a bath oil! You can turn it into a heavy-duty pre-cleanse and makeup remover by adding a few drops into your dermaviduals cleanser, combine it with your weekly Vitamin Mask to get an extra hit of skin-loving lipids or turn it into a spritz for full body hydration on-the-go.”



What is your number one skin care tip?

“Appreciating that the skin is a two-sided organ, influenced by both your internal and external environment. A wholesome, nutritious diet, plenty of water, good sleep and daily exercise combined with an amazing corneotherapeutic skincare range such as dermaviduals will go a long way to providing you with healthy, radiant skin!”



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