Meet Spoil Yourself Spa, Our July 2017 Clinic of the Month!

by | 4 July 2017

Spoil Yourself Spa is described as “the place you think about over your 3pm coffee break or when you’re stuck in peek hour traffic; the place you know which is warm, quiet, peaceful and smells delightful”. Owner, Sofi, chatted to us about her Wellington skin saving oasis. “Spoil Yourself started 9 years ago in my boyfriend’s (now husband) parents’ garage. It has developed into a spa of 5 passionate therapists with exceptional values and dedication to our industry. We have recently expanded into our gorgeous new space, which is right in the hub of Whitby Village (a 20 min drive from Wellington CBD). Whitby is a lovely place, with a mix of established and brand new housing developments. It’s growing constantly and a fantastic place to live and work!”



What keeps you inspired professionally? “Creating time and space for people to focus on themselves, even just a little bit. We are so often stuck in our busy lives that we neglect to look after ourselves, let alone spoil ourselves. I love seeing the difference in our clients when they start to learn about their skin and the difference to their overall mood when they take a bit of time out for themselves. Our skin is an amazing reflection of what is going on inside our bodies and I love that our clients are now really aware and keen to look after their health through looking after their skin.”



What do you value the most in your business? “That’s an easy one! Our clients and my incredible team. I started Spoil Yourself when I was 21 and with the support and loyalty of my amazing clients, we are where we are today. I have been able to turn my aspiration of having a team of passionately dedicated therapists, who are complete skin geeks like myself, in a spa that I designed in my dreams into a reality. Without my clients I could never have stayed in business and now to be surrounded by skin therapists who share my vision to educate clients towards better health and wellness, I am truly blessed by the clients and team that have helped make Spoil Yourself what it is today.”



Has dermaviduals changed your business? “dermaviduals allow us to customise skincare. All skin is different and having dermaviduals in our clinic enables us to not to have to stay between the lines. dermaviduals has not only changed my business but changed the way my team treats the skin. We can now follow the skin on its own unique journey and treat it with the individual respect it deserves. By customising your skincare, your makeup and your treatments we get exceptional results.”



Favourite product? “There are many favourites in my bathroom cupboard, however, recently Eyebright Liposome Serum has been my go-to serum. With the recent move of my new spa, there has many late and emotional nights. On top of that, balancing the needs of a two-and-a-half-year-old my eyes have certainly seen more rested days! However, Eyebright Liposome Serum has come to the rescue!”



Number 1 skin care tip? “Find a therapist who knows their stuff, and is passionate about educating you about your skin. Anyone can rub cream on your face but to find a knowledgeable therapist that knows your skin and is confident in how to treat your concerns is a different story! Your skin will thank you for years to come.”



You can follow Spoil Yourself Spa on Facebook & Instagram or visit their website for more information.