Meet Team Derma’s Brittany

by | 18 September 2020

1. What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of my involvement with derma aesthetics from ground up. It’s been one extraordinary journey, from providing contribution to IT systems when I was still at uni, to entering the company as a their only Business Development Manager, then working across most departments and to now running my own departments!



2.Any hidden talents?

I can make the perfect aperol spritz! 🍹

3.Where do you find your motivation?

I don’t particularly find my motivation in something specific but rather via continuous improvement on a professional scale and achieving things that merely seem impossible.

4.What aspects of your job do you love the most?

I immensely love dealing with our partners (stockists of dermaviduals) & our suppliers. I also enjoy onboarding new team members to our ever growing derma family.

5.Are you superstitious?

I’m not superstitious but I genuinely believe if you are a good human being, good things will come your way. To always act with kindness and to simply do your best. Karma is where it’s at!



6.Are you where you want to be in your career?

I am certainly where I want to be in my career and am proud to be leading a department in a company that lives by the values I hold true to my heart.

7.Do you set goals for yourself?

Professionally, I set measurable goals on a quarterly basis and hold myself accountable to these. They are not optional, they are a MUST!



8.How do you manage work, family, friends and staying active?

I came from a corporate IT background, so long hours was ingrained in me. I’ve gradually taught myself to work smarter whilst setting boundaries to ensure I can switch off from work and dedicate my undivided attention to loved ones (including my furbaby) and also to myself. Having me time is something I treasure.

9.Do you have any suggestions for how to continuously eat healthy?

Never deprive yourself of treats, if you want something, then eat it but not the whole block of chocolate! Portion control and balance is how I stay healthy. I’m a sweet tooth who likes snacks & to graze, so I tend to prepare yummy & nutritious treats ready to enjoy at any moment. My favourite is choc-coconut chai pudding topped with COYO & fresh berries. Delish!

I also love a good balance of pizza in my diet 😉




  • Pinch me moment: Going to NYU as part of an Executive Programme I did with Business Chicks last year.
  • What I enjoy doing in my spare time: brunch with the girls, dinner dates with my partner, family get togethers, travelling and shopping.
  • I am proud of: becoming a country girl in my 20’s after growing up in Sydney.



We love you Brit and all you do towards achieving great things at “derma” 💙💙💙