Meet Team Derma’s Danielle

by | 4 March 2019

What do you do at Derma Aesthetics?
“I started with Derma Aesthetics back in 2015 as a Business Development Manager. This was such an exciting time for me to start at Derma because I had the whole of New Zealand to spread the word of Corneotherapy and our amazing range to! At the end of 2018, I moved into my current role as the Sales Manager for New Zealand. My role sees me travel all over New Zealand visiting our partner clinics, conducting VIP events, performing in-clinic education & training and business development sessions.”



What do you love about your job?
“If I have to choose just one thing I absolutely love most about my job… it would have to be our clients. I always describe my clients as my children! You love them all but in very different ways because they are all so very different. Getting to know all of these women and seeing first-hand how hard they all work is such an inspiration to me.”



What are 3 words your colleagues would use to describe you?
“Loyal, honest and a “fixer” – anyone in our team knows that it’s very hard for me to listen to a problem without helping to find a solution!”



How would your gorgeous children describe you?
“I asked my kids this question… 🙂
Marcus (5 year old): “Mum, I make you a deal: I will be good at school and then you just buy me a transformer?”
Zoey (9 year old): “Mum, I can talk to you about anything and you always make me feel better”.”



Who is your biggest inspiration?
I remember being in high school and having to write an essay on who my biggest inspiration was. It was my dad and still is. Most of my values I learnt from him:

  1. If you are well enough to get dressed for school you are well enough to go (note to my 14 year old self: do NOT get out of bed if you’re sick!).
  2. Loyalty: I have not met a more loyal person than my dad – both in his personal life and work life.
  3. This one is my favourite: never get caught with your pants down! Yes, I know how this must sound, but the meaning for us is always be prepared for anything life throws at you, whether it’s in your job or in your personal life. Also, honesty goes a long way – put your hand up if you made a mistake.
  4. Always keep a back door open – never close doors behind you: you never know when you will need to go through them again.”



If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?
“Okay, for one – can you imagine always being able to fit the tight leather superhero outfit?! Lol. But for me the one superpower I wish I have is being able to take sadness away (yes, I told you I’m a fixer!) Can you imagine living in a world where there is no sadness and loss…”