Meet Team derma’s David!

by | 16 April 2021

Meet David, our Operations Manager at derma Aesthetics. David was one of the first males to recently join our ‘Harem’ of lovely  females… and has since started a new male following within the company!



1.What are your strengths/ weaknesses?

I’ve been fortunate to work for some really great companies and people over the past 30 years and I use these experiences to form who I am professionally. We’ve all had bad experiences at work and I try to learn from these and not repeat them. I see my experience in working in both small start-ups and large corporations as a strength, taking a Customer focussed approach to everything I do.

2.How would you describe yourself/ how would your friends describe you?

I would say that I am handsome, charming and funny.

My friends would say that I am delusional.



3.Any hidden talents?

I have an amazing ability to retain useless information! Dates, times, movies, sports and any kind of useless trivia. You definitely want me on your team at a Trivia Night!

4.What aspects of your job do you love the most?

I love that we have the best range of products (dermaviduals) out there! It makes my work life so much easier when you don’t spend most of the day defending a poor product and allows me to concentrate on improving our services to our wonderful customers!

5.Are you superstitious?

The older I get, the less superstitious I become. When I played cricket when I was younger, I would sit in the same place in the dressing room each game, put the left shoe on first then right shoe, left glove then right glove – it didn’t help, I was still rubbish.



6.Do you set goals for yourself?

I think goals are an important aspect of what we do. They give you focus and keep you from distractions while also allowing you to measure your progress and benchmark. You hold yourself accountable and motivate yourself to finish tasks.

7.How do you manage work, family, friends and staying active?

It’s impossible to perfectly balance everything at all times, so I accept that and understand that at times, the scales may tip in one way or the other. I am lucky that I have a strong wife and family that supports me and a company that understands that we have a life outside of work. I find it’s important to enjoy life and not just let it pass me by, and I make time for the people and things that are important to me.



8.Is it important to exercise? And why?

I’ve never been a fan of exercise for exercise sake and by looking at me you can tell. I’ve always played team sports (I still play Over 45’s soccer) so my exercise has always been as part of a team and I love the camaraderie that team sports fosters (and the beers afterwards). I also played cricket for a long time, but no one has every confused cricket with exercise.

9.What are some tips to become motivated and stay motivated?

Always think big picture, no matter how small the task. Success is a series of small wins, so don’t dwell on failure, learn from mistakes and move on to creating the next winning moment.

10.With such a busy lifestyle, how do you have time to eat healthy and stay active?

It’s about being disciplined. If I am doing my annual exercise, I make sure that hydrate properly after (beer first, then wine).




  • I’m really good at…

Pretty much everything (remember what my friends say about me…..)

  • What I would like to learn…

I am interested in learning more about Corneotherapy and the wonderful products we have at derma. I always tune into Kai, Lisa and the team during their amazing educations and training sessions to help improve my knowledge.

  • What I do at derma aesthetics…

I am the Operations Manager, so I look after the Warehouse team and the dispatch of orders. I also look after the inventory and the forecasting and ordering from our suppliers.

  • My weaknesses…

Nothing (see above) 😂😁