Meet Team derma’s Jess Ford

by | 27 November 2020

Meet Jess: Born and raised in sunny Western Australia by the beach, Jess enjoys a perfect balance of sun, surf and SKIN! She believes she was born to work in the beauty industry and her passion has always been to ensure clients feel comfortable and confident in their own SKIN. We are honoured to have Jess on our team at derma.

What are your strengths/weaknesses?

My Strengths are definitely:

Zest – Approaching life with excitement and energy

Social Intelligence – Being aware of the motives/feelings of others and oneself

Hope – Expecting the best in the future and working hard to achieve it

Oh, and my Weaknesses are:

Avoidance – Can avoid situations because I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings 😒

Clean Freak – some find this very annoying but I love a clean house lol 😂

Patience – Can be a little impatient at times 😩



How would you describe yourself/ how would your friends describe you?

I think the things that best describe me would be; I am a ‘free spirit’, fun loving and a very caring person, I also have bright personality…I think others would say much the same.



What aspects of your job do you love the most?

I love meeting and connecting with different people every single day, helping them build a successful business and achieve incredible results with their clients skin.


When do you believe, you learnt the most about yourself in your professional career?

When I left the beauty salon and started working in sales. This made me learn how to self-motivate, keep organised, set goals and learn how amazing it is to be able to pass on your knowledge and educate others in what your passionate about.


How did you get to where you want to be in your professional career?

Hard work, determination and a strong passion for the industry.



Are setting goals an important aspect for creating success?

Absolutely!! Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. They also hold you accountable, push you forward and allow you to prioritise your work load to achieve success.


Is it important to exercise? And why?

Exercise comes easy to me, it’s not a chore it’s a passion of mine. I love the way it makes you feel. Changing the type of exercises I do keeps it interesting.


What are some tips to become motivated and stay motivated?

My BIG TIPS are: Workout on a daily basis, don’t procrastinate(unless it will hurt someones feelings – ha!), do one job at a time, meditate, prepare yourself, keep learning + set goals.



Do you have any suggestions for how to continuously eat healthy?

Allow yourself a treat every now and then or a cheat day, set yourself weekly/monthly health goals, don’t consume too much alcohol, make your food interesting (Hello Fresh 😊)


My Spotlights:

  • Pinch me moment… Is this work or life?

Work – When I worked in the beautiful Caribbean on a 14 story cruise ship

Life – When I met and hung out with Michael Jackson

  • What I would like to learn…

How to formulate a product from scratch

  • What I do at derma aesthetics…

Business Development Manager – build the business through selling dermaviduals (and our associated products) into more clinics, and therefore introducing more partners to our business

  • I am proud of…

The achievements I’ve made in my career, the extensive array of people I’ve met along the way and the beautiful friendships I’ve made. How lucky I’ve been that my career has allowed me to travel all over the world and see some incredible places ✈️