Meet team derma’s Kristina!

by | 19 February 2021

As our Queensland Sales Consultant, Kristina brings a diverse range of experience to team derma. She is truly a professional skin care therapist with many years experience at some of Australia’s leading skin clinics, including sales and training for a beauty and medical equipment distribution company and looking after large beauty franchises with their training and sales in lasers and equipment. Meet Kristina:

1.What are your strengths/ weaknesses?

One of my strengths I would say is definitely being organised! I definitely like to plan my days and have a good routine in place. I would also say my enthusiasm, I try to stay positive and have a good outlook on all situations no matter if they are good or bad.

My weakness would definitely be online shopping! Oops!



2.Where do you see yourself in five/ ten years?

I am really content in my life at the moment and career so I definitely see myself staying in here at derma and hopefully progressing within my role. Personally I would love to have travelled more and been able to experience new places and cultures! Maybe, one day!

3.Where do you find your motivation?

I’m quite self motivated and driven, I think always trying to have a positive outlook on any situation helps me stay motivated. However I think my biggest motivation and inspiration would be my parents, they are both hard working and I am forever thankful for everything they have done for myself and my brother and sister. They have always supported and encouraged me to follow my goals and achieve what I have today and this has always made me want to work harder and be grateful for where I am today.



4.How would you or your friends describe you?

I would describe myself as a very happy and positive person to be around. I always love to have a good time, be social and am very caring, honest and reliable.

My friends would probably say I am bubbly and talk a lot (ha ha), but also that I am a good and loyal friend.



5.How did you get to where you want to be in your professional career?

I would say passion, dedication and hard work. In this industry I think you definitely need to love what you do and always be willing to develop your skills with education and learning!



6.Do you set goals for yourself?

I continuously have goals for myself both short term and long term. It is definitely what helps keep me motivated and on track both personally and professionally.

7.How do you manage work, family, friends and staying active?

I am very good at planning and staying organised, which works out quite well because I usually have all my work meetings and travel planned months in advanced so I can stay on top of my calendar and events. I also love going for a walk in the morning, I always have a better day and am more focused for it. So even if I am travelling for work I always try to make this a non-negotiable to keep me on track. I think working at a good work/life balance is so important!



8.Do you have any suggestions for how to continuously eat healthy?

I think everything in moderation and never deprive yourself. It can definitely be hard, especially if you travel around and aren’t always home so meal prepping is great for this.




  • I’m really good at…I have a really good memory ha ha
  • What I do at derma aesthetics…QLD Sales Consultant
  • I am proud of… Where I am today, the last year has really made me put everything into perspective and appreciate all that I have