Meet Team derma’s Lisa

by | 19 March 2021

We welcomed Lisa to team derma in 2020, bringing with her over 18 years of progressive experience in the skincare industry and a Diploma in Beauty Therapy. Lisa’s passion for education and empowering skin therapists, saw her join our team as Sales Consultant and Clinical Educator – in April, 2021 this amazing dedication will see Lisa progress to our Head of Education. Meet our lovely Lisa.



1.What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of how far I have come professionally within the skin care and aesthetics industry. Coming out of Vic Uni as a fresh-faced beauty therapist, I would never have imagined the incredible experiences I would share throughout my career. From travelling all over Australia and teaching hundreds of skin therapists, to travelling overseas to share skin care education, creating and presenting education for the Beauty Expo, mentoring and guiding many colleagues and now finally aligning myself with the BEST Corneotheraputic skin range globally – I am one proud woman!



2.Any hidden talents?

I have been labelled ‘The Platter Queen’ by my family and friends! I love creating a grazing plate with many different textures and tastes and it gives me great pleasure to see people enjoy my creations!



3.What aspects of your job do you love the most?

I love seeing our partners and therapists grow! I love receiving a phone call or email from a partner saying that they ‘get it’! I have always loved working in an education position and helping others to be the best that they can. It makes me so proud to see both professional and personal growth within the therapists and businesses I work with.

4.When do you believe, you learnt the most about yourself in your professional career?

I believe that ‘everyday’ is an opportunity to learn and grow within your skill set!

5.Are you superstitious?

When I was younger I used to be! Growing up in an Italian family there are many beliefs and superstitions that I was told about, some of them a little too scary to talk about here! Many years on, I still find myself stepping over cracks in the pavement and walking around ladders and not under them – So I guess, Yeah. I’m a little superstitious!

6.Are setting goals an important aspect for creating success?

Without a doubt! I find goal setting a powerful process for thinking about what I want to achieve and what I want for my future! I feel that setting goals help to motivate me and I set them each and every day. Whether they are professional or personal, the satisfaction of ticking off a goal makes me feel accomplished – Such a great feeling!



7.Is it important to exercise? And why?

Yes! I exercise each day and attend my local F45. I train pretty hard and love lifting heavy weights! My husband thinks I am crazy but I love the adrenaline and endorphin release – it helps set me up for a great day!

8.What are some tips to become motivated and stay motivated?

Find something that you love. Learn and Understand your ‘WHY’. Push yourself to become a better version of you!



9.How do you deal with the negative aspects of your job?

I take a moment to think about what the challenge is and then try to create a SOLUTION. I might not always have the solution but I take each challenge as a learning opportunity.




  • What I’m excited about…Being able to travel internationally once again – Hopefully in the near-ish future!
  • Pinch me moment…Being asked to come on board with derma Aesthetics and working with the dermaviduals products 💙
  • What I enjoy doing in my spare time…Spending time with my family, my puppy dogs and my friends!

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