Meet Team Derma’s Nicky

by | 20 September 2019

What do you do at Derma Aesthetics?

“I am lucky enough to be the New Zealand Business Manager and I make coffee.”



What are you most passionate about in your role?

“People – plain and simple.

I believe with all my heart about the little moments in life. If you don’t appreciate the little moments in life, how can you understand or appreciate the big moments in life? I also understand that everyone’s little moments are different.

So for me to be part of a team that supports people with their little moments – magic!”



What are 3 words your colleagues would use to describe you?

“Not tall, not skinny but fabulous and yes I know that’s more than 3 words!”



How do you like to keep fit?

“I am in love with RPM, which I do 3-4 times a week. Weights 4 times a week. And when it’s not raining I mountain bike.

Do I have a body of a gym goddess – Ummm that would be a no. But I have the body and mindset of a 52 year old woman who will walk the beach with her dogs at 70. Oh and with my husband.”




Mantra you live by?

“Well, I have few…

I’m a big believer in karma, but having said that karma seems to miss a few people!

And a friend once said to me “things you don’t change, you accept”. Never has a saying resonated with me more.

But I think the mantra I have always lived with is “own what you do”. I think life without being honest with those around you or yourself isn’t a life I want to lead, so this is the very core of who I am.”