Meet Team derma’s Noey

by | 14 May 2021

Meet Noey, an integral part of our New Zealand Team and is our lovely derma Warehouse Co-Assistant.

1.What are you most proud of?

Owning and operating a bar & restaurant for nearly five years. I’ll be forever in gratitude for the amazing staff over that time and it’s an experience that taught me so much.



2.How would you or your friends describe you?

My friends said: kind, caring, quick witted and good humoured, open-minded, fair and gives good counsel. My partner said: I think forever before I speak or act, and I’m very stubborn 😂 That’s actually pretty nice, someone’s clearly about to ask me for a favour…

3.Any hidden talents?

I can get along with just about anyone, I’ll almost always find a middle ground.

4.What aspects of your job do you love the most?

I’m always busy, my colleagues are wonderful and between multitasking, problem solving, fulfilling the various aspects of my position I’m never ever bored.



5.When do you believe, you learnt the most about yourself in your professional career?

Working for myself. It refined everything I love to do in a professional setting and gave me drive and focus.

6.Are you where you want to be in your career?

Definitely. It’s a recent career move for me, but I’m where I want to be and can clearly see where I can grow. All really positive!

7.Do you set goals for yourself?

Yes, I always have a few goals that I like to achieve before setting new ones. I’m currently doing a walk a million steps in 4 months challenge, so my next goal will probably be something less daunting.

8.What are some tips to become motivated and stay motivated?

Make each experience about what you gain and not about what you lose.

9.With such a busy lifestyle, how do you have time to eat healthy and stay active?

I love walking and love cooking, I’ll make time for them both. If someone has some sort of product that lets me to do both at the same time let me know, I’d like to invest 💪




  • What I’m excited about… 

I’m excited about the prospect of travelling again, hoping that continues to open up further and further afield.

  • What I do at derma aesthetics…

Alongside Jamie, I’m the other Derma NZ warehouse assistant.

  • What I enjoy doing in my spare time…

I’m a bookworm and an audiophile, if I’m not reading or listening to music I’m probably somewhere spending far too much money on them both 😊