Meet Team derma’s Rach

by | 11 December 2020

Meet Team derma’s Rachael, our gorgeous Warehouse Assistant who started with us this year. Rach is a qualified Hairdresser with a Hairdressing Certificate/Diploma. A fun fact about Rach is she claims to be best friends with Katy Perry and is passionate about makeup and pop culture.



What are your strengths/weaknesses? 

My absolute strength: I have a very good memory which comes in handy especially in the warehouse!

Weakness: shopping! I can’t resist jewellery!

Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years? 

I think…married and having some babies with a few dogs as well!

How would you describe yourself / friends describe you?

….reliable, fun, trustworthy and loyal



Where do you find your motivation? 

I get my motivation from instagram as well as a few celebrities that I look up to that motivate and inspire me to be the best version of myself 💗

What aspects of your job do you love the most? 

I really enjoy the people that I work with, they make coming to work fun, there’s always good vibes down in the warehouse!



Are you superstitious? 

I’m not superstitious! But, I do believe in karma, manifesting and the law of attraction.

Are setting goals an important aspect for creating success?

Of course! I think it’s important to set goals but I also think some of the best things happen when you don’t plan or expect them!



Is it important to exercise? And why? 

I believe it is so important, I don’t always love it but it definitely makes a huge difference to your physical and mental health.

Do you have any suggestions for eating healthy?

I think it’s just everything in moderation, balance is key!




What I’m excited about…I’m excited about being able to stand at a concert hopefully in the near future!

I’m really good at…memorising song lyrics

What I would like to learn… I would love to learn to speak Spanish

What I enjoy doing in my spare time… shopping, doing makeup, hair and nails and watching reality tv and medical dramas

I am proud of….moving to Australia at the beginning of this year! It was a pretty spare of the moment decision but definitely one of the best I’ve ever made!