Meet Team derma’s Steph!

by | 16 October 2020

Steph is one of our young beauties in team derma, and is our Warehouse Coordinator, Steph has been a member of our team for nearly two years, so we have delved deep here to learn a little bit more about her 💙

1. Where do you see yourself in five/ten years?

In very simple words: Rich, married and having babies….

2. What are you most proud of?

I am proud of having studied Beauty Therapy and managing a Retail store in the Health and Beauty Industry. I was a practicing Beauty Therapist within a Northern Beaches salon for a period of time….and I then started with team derma as a warehouse assistant, selecting and packing stock for our partner clinics. I am also very proud of working my way up to the challenging role of coordinating the processes involved in our busy warehouse, as Warehouse Coordinator.

3. Any hidden talents?

I have to be totally honest, I am not a bad singer, and can definitely hold a tune…so I am pretty proud of that…oh, and I have mastered the art of applying fake tanning, so I can ensure a glow all year round!



4. Are you superstitious?

Yes, I am very superstitious and I am quite adamant that there are “No umbrellas up inside for me!!” Outside of that…I am a real believer in Karma and the power of manifestation….

5. Are you where you want to be in your career?

Not quite yet, it is definitely a work in progress for me though, I aspire to own my own business…not sure what and when, but I have a great vision and feeling this will be my destiny!

6. Do you set goals for yourself?

Yes I do, goals are a big part of my “BEING”. I have many goals, I am working toward, I make many lists and don’t worry…I’m not a Gonna! I follow through and like to achieve…I have great goals for my own health and fitness, and my everyday being.

7. Is it important to exercise? And why?

I do exercise and I believe we all should have exercise as part of our daily routine. I ensure I exercise to keep healthy and for mental clarity. I run a few times a week and I set challenges for my weekly runs. I am lucky, running comes quite naturally to me, and I believe running is 80% mental. I love to be able to push through…once I have, I feel so much better and this works so well for me.



8.What are some tips to become motivated and stay motivated?

It is important for motivation to set goals and to keep your eye on the prize! A good idea is to create vision boards, they are great and help to record your vision and where you want to be or go! I have my own and I know here at work we have several too! I am going to create a new one for our Warehouse team as part of a project to ensure we all stay motivated and on the same page!

9. How do you deal with the negative aspects of your job?

Ha ha! Have a colourful vocabulary!!! It’s important to ensure there are only good vibes at work. And luckily the people I work with are great and positive and that really makes a good working environment. I couldn’t do it if it wasn’t. It is best to address any negativity, talk about it, get it sorted and then move forward! Don’t let it escalate!




  • What I’m excited about… S U M M E R 🌻
  • What I enjoy doing in my spare time…Getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D and going to the beach, so bring on summer ☀️
  • My strengths…I think my personality, I am vibrant and always try being happy and cheery! Loving Life 💛
  • My weaknesses… I can care too much about other people’s feelings…..oh and J U N K  F O O D, I love MACCA’S 🍔

Thanks Steph….you always wear a happy smiling face…and always so helpful in our Warehouse!