Meet Team Derma’s Yvette

by | 15 February 2019

What do you do at Derma Aesthetics?

“I work in the Accounts and Human Resources department together with Dee. We job share, so we both work part-time.

Part of what we do on a daily basis is check and process payments for the tax invoices that are created after the Orders Team have picked and packed all the orders. This is an important step within Derma’s segregation of duties and internal control in order to eliminate errors. We also look after accounts payable, accounts receivable and the Human Resources side of Derma Aesthetics.”



What’s your favourite thing about your job?

“I love how our role means we work together with all the teams and staff within Derma Aesthetics and we are almost always involved in anything going on, either large or small. It is a nice feeling to know you have contributed to something and are part of the growth and success of Derma!

And also working for the best boss ever! I love the support and appreciation we receive on a daily basis, a thank you is never far away.”



What is the best advice you have ever received?

It’s all a phase – advice given to me by a nurse when we had Cleo, now 6.5 years ago. She was so right. Every time something new started with Cleo (i.e. waking up all hours of the night) of course, none of it lasted. It eventually all changed. I still apply it often, not just as a parent, but also in my professional life. It helps me to stay focussed and positive, and don’t sweat the small stuff… ‘It’s all a phase’ 😊”



Do you have any hidden talents?

“I would probably still be able to do a decent “heel stretch” cheerleading move, hold and spin around at the same time! This was part of my cheerleading time when I was young, back in Holland. It wasn’t for cheerleading as you may know it but for a carnivale band. We looked hilarious – red and white outfits with hideous itchy wigs! 😊”



What is your favourite dermaviduals product?

“I have to pick 3 – I can’t decide on just one!

DMS Body Lotion – it is so easy to apply, I’m done in a flash coming out of the shower.

Total Cleansing Cream – such an all rounder, love it in the shower for my face and body, as a shaving cream for my legs and as a hand soap at every sink.

DMS Massage Cream – my daughter’s go to. She’s prone to struggle with eczema and has sensitive skin in general. We use DMS Massage Cream every day, all over her body and it keep it so hydrated & nice. And my husband uses it too as a body lotion – he’s got dry skin and loves the thicker formula.”



What skin care wisdom will you be passing onto your beautiful daughter, Cleo?

“Always take your make up off before bed!”



What are 3 things you’re excited for in 2019?

“One – to be part of the exceptional growth of Derma Aesthetics and all the exciting new things on the horizon.

Two – we’re hopefully booking our European holiday soon, so we’ll get to spend time with my family.

Three – my daughter’s first year at competitive level of gymnastics!”



Do you have a personal mantra?

“Treat people the way you want to be treated – simple, easy and effective! 😊”