Mini Products For Major Skin Resolutions

by | 4 January 2019

Happy New Year dermaviduals friends! We hope you’re having a wonderful first few days of 2019!

If looking after your skin has made your 2019 resolutions list, we have a great promotion to get you started and some super practical & easy ways to give your skin love the it deserves all year long!

In January, at participating dermaviduals clinics, you can purchase the following full-sized products and get their mini FREE! Perfect for keeping your skin resolutions no matter where the year might take you!


Purchase a Cleansing Gel 150ml and receive a FREE Cleansing Gel 30ml

Keep your Cleansing Gel 30ml in your gym bag for the ultimate post-workout cleanse to remove all traces of dirt and sweat.


Purchase a Cleansing Milk with DMS 150ml and receive a FREE Cleansing Milk with DMS 30ml

Our Cleansing Milk with DMS 30ml is perfect to pack for holidays and weekend getaways! Makeup removal is essential before turning in for the night and this gentle cleanser makes it too easy – you can use with water or simply tissue off.


Purchase a Face Tonic 150ml and receive a FREE Face Tonic 30ml

Pack your Face Tonic 30ml in your carry-on for flights and use as a refreshing spritz to revive skin in dry plane air. It contains calming cucumber extract and regenerative D-Panthenol.


Purchase a Suusmoon Lotion N 150ml and receive a FREE Suusmoon Lotion N 30ml

Your Suusmoon Lotion N 30ml can be used all over your body to deliver essential fatty acids. Besides your face, you can use on arms and legs post-shower to hydrate and soften skin. Some of our staff also use it on their hair as a leave-in conditioner!


Purchase a Suusmoon Lotion P 150ml and receive a FREE Suusmoon Lotion P 30ml

Suusmoon Lotion P 30ml is great to have in your skincare arsenal to help prevent congestion & hyperkeratinisation and also help with the penetration of your actives. Sunrise TV presenter, Natalie Barr, loves this in her skincare regime!


Purchase a DMS Base Cream High Classic 50ml and receive a FREE DMS Base Cream High Classic 15ml

Your DMS Base Cream High Classic 15ml will always have your back to nourish and rebuild, whilst providing vital skin protection.


Don’t forget, all of these minis, except the DMS Base Cream High Classic, can be refilled so you can continue to reuse the handy sized containers!

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Where will you be taking your mini-sized dermaviduals products? Let us know in the comments below!