Natalie Barr’s Skincare Secret

by | 6 July 2018

Have you noticed Sunrise TV presenter Natalie Barr’s skin glowing with good health lately?

After suffering from severe irritation after using a non-bespoke skincare brand, Natalie turned to dermaviduals for help to repair the damage and stabilise her skin. She says it’s now back to the best it’s ever been.“My skin was a mess. Any moisturiser I used made it worse. My skin just couldn’t handle the chemicals in many of the usual skincare products any more. I went back to basics with dermaviduals. Within a few weeks my skin had cleared up and it’s just really gone from strength to strength. And with a 3am wake-up call for the last 15 years – I need all the help I can get!”



Thanks to the expertise of dermaviduals Simone Vescio (Co-Managing Director) the damage caused to Natalie’s skin barrier has been fully repaired and restored.

Natalie, who recently celebrated her 50th birthday has been lucky to have great skin most of her life, however after switching brands in 2017, she found her skin so irritated that anything she applied caused intense dryness and flare-ups.

Natalie’s experience has been so positive that she now wears our customised skincare and mineral makeup every day including on the show and the Channel 7 makeup team are regularly purchasing the makeup for use in their department.



We are thrilled that we were able to help Natalie.

The skincare products she uses for skin health include:

  • A Bespoke Cleanser
  • Suusmoon Lotion P
  • A Bespoke Serum
  • Plutioderm Plus
  • DMS Base Cream High Classic
  • Lip Balm
  • Bespoke Foundation
  • Loose Mineral Powder