National Eczema Week

by | 15 September 2021

During National Eczema Week this year we are calling on people to talk about their experiences of living with eczema, to tell their own eczema story.

Eczema is different for every person who lives with this debilitating long-term condition. The hidden cost of living with eczema is the profound impact it can have on someone’s emotional well-being, relationships, social life, sleep, schooling and mental health.

So, what is eczema?

Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder where the underlying innate immune system (the body’s first line of defence), is stimulated from either external or internal triggers.

Eczema is an innate issue, meaning an individual presenting with eczema has inherited a genetic weakness which may provide abnormal immune system qualities. This can result in the individual developing hypersensitivity reactions that are unique to certain substances i.e., allergens, pathogens, microorganisms, pollen and dust mites.

The innate immune system is needing to work on overdrive to defend the individual, which can inflict havoc on the operation of the skin barrier defence systems, leading to cellular inflammation, tight, dry, flakey and relentless itchy skin.

Eczema prone skin is presenting with a faulty copy of a very important protein called, filaggrin. Filaggrin is essential for epidermal hydration as it forms the innate substances that become part of our skin’s Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF). NMF is so vitally important for retaining water within the skin and for building a strong, competent barrier of defence.

When lacking in filaggrin, so many processes within the skin can go awry resulting in tissue inflammation leading to thin skin density.

Topical corticosteroids are one of the most used topical medicines in the dermatological field today in order to help treat this condition, however, they can come with undesirable side effects if administered and used inappropriately.

Corneotherapy, a remedial and progressive skin treatment methodology, utilising ingredients that mimic skin structure and function, focuses on the correction and restoration of the stratum corneum and barrier defence systems. Clinically significant results proved that in the treatment of eczema, that targeted restoration of the stratum corneum played a similar role as the administration of anti-inflammatory topical corticosteroids. Meaning, that the repair and recovery of the outermost layer of skin reduced the impact of cellular inflammation. This proves that the skin cannot be corrected if the stratum corneum is not in equilibrium.

dermaviduals, a dermatological skin care correction system, works with the principles of Corneotherapy in order to help rebuild the skin from the outside-in. dermaviduals is formulated with physiological ingredients, while offering a bespoke and tailored solution for every skin and its unique condition – yes, this includes eczema! Free from conventional emulsifiers, mineral oils, silicones, fragrances, colours, preservatives, parabens or amines, this correction system is perfect for the barrier disordered skin.

Eczema is more than just “skin deep,” as there has been scientific evidence to validate specific internal nutritional deficiencies and nervous system dysregulation which have been shown to trigger and exacerbate this condition. Chronic stress is definitely a trigger of eczema, which further breaks down the skin, gut and impairs the nervous system. Everything is connected. This is very evident in today’s society given the unforeseen times we are currently facing.

Are you struggling with eczema? What have you learnt on your journey? Please reach out, we would love to hear from you.