National Psoriasis Day!

by | 29 October 2020

Today, October the 29th, is National Psoriasis Day dedicated to those with psoriasis and/or psoriatic arthritis. Psoriasis affects millions of people around the world – not just physically, but also socially, emotionally and financially. National Psoriasis Day aims to raise the profile of this debilitating disorder and increase awareness of the effect it has on people’s lives. The cause of psoriasis is not fully understood, however, it is related to an immune system problem whereby immune cells attack healthy tissue. Psoriasis then becomes an ongoing cycle which new skin cells move to the outermost layer of the skin too quickly and this results in chronic inflammation and a build-up of incomplete skin cells. The aim of National Psoriasis Day is to address the needs of those suffering with this inflammatory condition by doing the follow:

  • Raise awareness
  • Disseminating accurate information
  • Improve access to sustainable treatment solutions
  • Give the psoriasis community a voice

Today is the day to start your skin recovery journey with a Practicing Corneotherapist to learn more about this condition and to gain an insight into the therapeutic treatments that are available to those suffering with this debilitating disorder. Below are images from some of our dermaviduals clinics who have had great success treating psoriasis with topical ingredients that support psoriatic skin and the overall health of the skin barrier defence systems.






Please get in touch with your nearest dermaviduals clinic here and begin your unique journey towards a more comfortable and well managed skin. There is a solution to living with psoriasis; and that solution is dermaviduals and corneotherapy.