New Brands Entering The Australian Market

by | 18 May 2011

Blog by The Plastic Diaries, POSTED 14.05.2011


Have you ever heard of a bespoke skin care system? Yes, bespoke. Meaning a skin care system specially formulated JUST for your skin. That idea probably sounds like of two things …. either absolutely ridiculous or absolutely amazing. I admit it is a hard concept to get your head around but when you think more about it, and read more about this innovative brand, you really feel like this is something that should have been available much sooner. The truth is, Dermaviduals has been available since 1994 but until last year it seemed no one in Australia took notice. Finally, that has changed and we will all be able to learn much more about a new skincare system, currently named Corneotheraphy.

You all know how skincare is a passion of mine so there is no doubt I will be going into this a lot further over the coming months. So far my understanding of the system is limited, but what I do know is that skin care therapists select from a range of base creams, and specially formulate your own creams by adding pure active concentrates. All the ingredients are of the highest quality and contain no parabens, perfumes, preservatives, silicones, mineral oils or emulsifiers.

It sounds great to me and I can’t wait to give it a go. If you want to learn more check out the dermaviduals website.