Nurture Body & Being Spa are Our Clinic of the Month for July 2019!

by | 1 July 2019

Nurture Body & Being Spa is located in the leafy, green suburb of The Gap in Brisbane, QLD. Mother-daughter duo, Angie & Emily have created a space to allow your body to surrender, to heal and rejuvenate. They understand that the way you live, your emotions, internal health and other external factors have a great impact on your skin, general health & wellbeing; they take a holistic approach to beauty and are passionate about providing the best possible care and outcome for their clients; skins, health and wellbeing.

We chatted to Angie & Emily about their huge love for people and passion for skin, health and wellbeing. “We love being a small family business and have built client connections that feel just like family. It goes without saying the salon feels like home to us, that is something that we want our clients to feel… at home.”



After working in the Allied Health Industry assisting with clinical testing for markers of disease/wellness, Angie was inspired to study Beauty Therapy to bridge the gap between internal disharmony and how it showed in the skin. “16 years on, I still love treating skin, and seeing people make the connection between their skin, and their internal health. And not just with gut health, but their stress levels and how they carry their emotions in their face and body.”



Emily has grown up in and around the salon from a young age. Whilst in high school, she studied Aromatherapy and Massage. After working in a busy Allied Health Clinic, it was a natural progression to move into the beauty industry and co-create Nurture Body & Being Spa together with her Mum. You’ll also find Emily’s daughter (2 years old) “helping” around the spa! “It is so rewarding to see clients empowered through understanding their skin and implementing simple steps to transform their skin health and inner confidence. We take a very holistic approach to beauty, celebrating the unique and natural beauty of each person inside and out.”



“Our love of skin and achieving great results for our clients is very satisfying. We love all the nerdy science stuff behind skin and skin care and get so much out of attending skin related education to expand our knowledge and understanding of how the skin works, and the things that affect it. We aren’t into pushing products and treatments on to clients. We take the time to understand our client’s concerns and empower them to understand their skin, what is going on and how it functions to make informed decisions about how to care for it. We also work closely with our in-house nutritionist, Gillian McKinnon, to support internally.”


What’s your favourite thing about your job?

“We feel privileged to have the opportunity to provide such intimate support to our clients through education, quality products & treatments, gentle touch, and emotional support. Our favourite thing about our job is seeing the transformation of our clients’ skin but also their self-worth and confidence. We have clients travelling interstate to see us and even visitors from overseas that make special trips whilst on holidays to come and see us!”



What is your personal mantra?

“Beauty is how you feel on the inside – don’t ever dull your sparkle.”



How has dermaviduals assisted your business?

“The business support from dermaviduals has been outstanding and has pushed & expanded our business to be more successful than ever before. Our beautiful rep, Jess, is an incredible support and wealth of knowledge – we love our in-clinic trainings and spending time with her. Steph is also incredible support in our product knowledge and CIT training. We are always inspired by the passion that is in the Derma team’s veins and high level of customer service is consistent across each team member we have ever spoken to.

We discovered dermaviduals when looking for a product that was diverse, and catered for all skins. We got more than we anticipated with this incredible range of skincare. Since stocking dermaviduals, we have seen fantastic results for our clients’ skin. Hearing people say they are loving their skin so much now they don’t feel they have to cover up with makeup is a testament to what the range has to offer. We already had a reputation for achieving good results with skin treatments, but this has taken results to the next level.



dermaviduals fits so well with our philosophy that every person is individual, and so is their skin. To be able to customise skincare is exciting and very satisfying. The fact that the range works for ALL skins means there is no need to look for any other products. From anti-ageing to skin conditions like acne and rosacea, right the way through to clients undergoing oncology treatments, we have found dermaviduals to be a brilliant support in maintaining the barrier function of the skin, but still offering therapeutic treatments.

Our clients have been with us for a long time, and everyone has embraced the change to dermaviduals. The results are speaking for themselves, as the word is getting around and we are getting more new clients who would like to ‘have what she’s having’. We love our clients and only want the very best for them. We are so glad to have found dermaviduals!”



What is your favourite dermaviduals product and why?

“It is so hard to choose just one dermaviduals product…”
Angie’s favourite products are Cleansing Milk with DMS & Suusmoon Lotion N. “I love how soothing and calming the cleanser is and I get excited at the end of the day when it is time to cleanse my skin! Having mature skin, my skin drinks Suusmoon Lotion N leaving it feeling nourished.”

Emily’s favourite product is Suusmoon Lotion P! “It has transformed the texture of my skin and many of our clients’ skins dramatically. I am also in love with the bespoke serums due to their incredible versatility. It gives us the ability to blend the perfect magic potion to address skin concerns depending on what the skin requires at the time.”



What is your number one skin care tip?

“Consistency! Be consistent with your prescriptive skincare regime. Whilst our treatments and services are designed to improve the health of your skin, we are not the standalone answer to skin complaints. We are all about clients taking responsibility for their skin care (this includes a loving, prescriptive skin care regime and wearing sunscreen!).

Whatever your goal, we can work together to achieve visible results in a simple and practical way. We don’t have a magic wand but we can educate our clients, use outstanding products (dermaviduals) and provide high quality treatments. Add consistency and that works just like magic.”



To learn more about Nurture Body & Being Spa, check out their website and follow them on Instagram & Facebook. They are excited to be introducing the new EXCEED microneedling device and dermaviduals deco mineral makeup to their clinic soon… so keep an eye out for special introductory offers!