Our Clinic of the Month for August 2019 is Aestheticá Byron Bay!

by | 1 August 2019

Our Clinic of the Month has been dubbed the authority on skin in Byron Bay by Bende Byron & featured on the likes of Tomboy Beauty and also by their beautiful client, Elyse Knowles; it is the skin-saving sanctuary known as Aestheticá Byron Bay. Owner, Alexa opened just nine months ago and she sat down and shared the clinic’s journey so far with us!


AboutAestheticá Byron Bay…

“We opened our little clinic just over 9 months ago in a beautiful new building about 5 minutes drive from central Byron Bay. As locals, we know how crazy the centre of town is, so being a little removed was ideal for us in order to open a beautiful space where locals could come to feel special and taken care of. We had noticed that there was just so much of the ‘rushed in and out’ style skin treatments happening in Byron, so we really wanted to focus on slowing things down and listening while appreciating dermal therapy and nursing techniques that achieve the best results, without causing undue stress or discomfort. As we came from dermal therapy and nursing backgrounds our vast range of education over both industries meant we wanted to offer great skin treatments, a holistic approach to skin health and real results, which is why we settled with customised skin treatments and cosmetic injectables. We have grown from 3 staff to now a team of 8 dermal therapists, nurses and doctors. We have totally embraced Corneotherapy and have seen such incredible results with our loyal clients. Our goal was, and always is to make dream skin a reality and it gives us so much joy to do so.”



The favourite thing about your job?

“It has been a pleasure re-educating our clients on how a healthy skin (as an organ) should function, nurturing their impaired barriers back to health. There is so much miseducation out there and many of our clients walk through our doors as a last resort after months or even years struggling with their skin, making the same mistakes over and over. Watching these same individuals skip back through your doors with pure happiness and gratitude is so rewarding.”


My personal mantra is…

“Above all else ‘be kind’, it costs nothing to put a smile on someone else’s face, but it could turn their whole day around. Listening and seeing people as individuals as you never know what people have been through; guarded people are often the most damaged. It can be really intimidating to remove layers & layers of makeup and talk openly & honestly about lifestyle choices, health & skin. We make sure that when you walk into our clinic there is an instant sense of calm and warmth. Our doors welcome every client with open arms, individuals from all walks of life come together and heal our beautiful light lit space filled with live flora.”



dermaviduals & Aestheticá…

“From the start, we were on the hunt for an amazing skincare company with incredible results and support for a new little business like ours. We were busily looking high and low when we reached out to an old friend, Emma from ‘With Grace Skin Management’ and asked her for advice. She kindly replied and said to check out dermaviduals. From there we have not looked back. We felt so supported from day one, and the education we received, (although a VERY steep learning curve!) was second to none. As we also use MAX+ LED in our clinic, we were also fortunate enough to have an all-day session with Simone Vescio here in Byron which blew our minds and literally changed the way we thought about skin. We grew so fast with dermaviduals and became Pink Diamond stockists within 6 months so we couldn’t be more grateful!”


Favourite dermaviduals product?

“Surely this one is a trick question, right? It is difficult to choose just one because every product is a game-changer in its own right. However, we shall oblige…. Lotion N is our quiet go-to hero. Clients that have not used it previously underestimate it! Once they try it, it always becomes by far the standout favourite and the cannot live without product for our clients. It combats so many different conditions; dehydration, inflammation, breakouts. My skin never feels flaky or dry while using Lotion N. I use it on my face, décolletage and backs on hands especially during these colder months, my skin has never looked better in winter.”



My number one skin care tip:

“Nourish your skin and body both externally and internally. We value holistic treatment for all skin conditions, practicing Corneotherapy and treating the skin as a functioning organ rather than just an exterior casing to our bodies.”


Bespoke in Byron

“We have made a point of making our treatment menu straight forward and we do not offer a huge range of treatments as all our skin treatments are customised. However, the treatments that we do offer are those we 100% believe in. We have chosen not to implement any lasers in our clinic, instead, we focus on skin integrity aligning ourselves further with the methodology of corneotherapy. We ensure we go above and beyond with each client, there is an element of vulnerability when clients trust you with their skin issues. It has become very much apart of our clinic ethos to ensure clients feel loved and nurtured when they walk through our doors, a good relationship with an aesthetician is for life! We have a growing number of clients interstate and even internationally that we treat in the clinic, and then via correspondence. Each and every one of our treatment pathways are tailored to each individual, after all, every skin is a unique fingerprint.”


A Rising Star…

“As of the 29th of July we have been nominated as a finalist in the ‘Rising Star’ category for the 2019 dermaviduals awards in August which we are beyond thrilled about! We were also fortunate enough to have our clinic nurse Alexa be invited to the prestigious MD codes with Dr. de Maio in Sydney last month, Lex came home sparkling with enthusiasm.”


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