Our Clinic of the Month for November 2019 is With Grace Skin Management!

by | 1 October 2019

With Grace Skin Management is an inner city skin sanctuary located on the eclectic Smith Street in the heart of Collingwood, Victoria. Owner, Emma Thwaite, caught up with us to tell us all about her skin-saving space. “My vision was to create a beautiful and welcoming space that focused purely on skin. I have always had a passion for skin, which has inspired my 15 years in the industry. Throughout my career I’ve had the opportunity to work in luxury day spas, as well as clinical based environments, both in Australia and overseas. My dream was to create a space that combined the best of both worlds; somewhere that allows our clients to escape and provide them with a truly relaxing and pampered experience that is also focused on creating real change and delivering the results, which is where dermaviduals comes in. It was my beautiful skin therapist, Claudia, who originally introduced me to dermaviduals and I will be forever grateful to her for this.”



“The best thing about my job…
Is being able to change peoples’ lives by allowing them to feel beautiful and confident about the skin they are in. I really love the relationships we build with our clients; it’s amazing how the journey to healthy skin can promote so much love and positivity. We have created a beautiful little community since opening, and adore coming to work every day.”



“My personal mantra…
Is to always be myself. If people don’t like it, they aren’t your people. Even when I am experiencing moments of self-doubt; wondering why everything can’t just be easy? I truly know deep down that I have the ability to create my own future and that whatever happens, everything will be okay.”



“Partnering with dermaviduals was honestly the best move I could have made for my business…
It just makes so much sense. Being able to prescribe products that you are confident can achieve results; it takes the game to another level. I love that I am able to treat all types of skin that makes me so happy. With previous brands I have had to refer clients on, which broke my heart. Everyone deserves healthy, happy skin and that’s what dermaviduals does best.”



“My all time favourite dermaviduals product…
is hands down is Lotion N. It’s absolute heaven.”


My number one skin care tip…
“This is an impossible question for someone who lives and breathes skin care; so here’s my top six: 1. Don’t mix product ranges
2. Don’t smoke
3. Wear SPF
4. Take your EFA’s
5. Water, water, water
6. Get a good night’s sleep
Oh, and do everything With Grace, so 7!”



The With Grace difference…
“I honestly believe we have created a special place where people can be themselves and escape into an indulgent experience that is nourishing to mind and body. Personally I can feel nervous and intimidated when going to any new establishment for the first time, so it was a big priority to create a space where people feel welcome from the moment they walk through the door, like visiting a friend. We have a small and passionate team, we really do get so excited after every treatment, it’s hard to contain our excitement about how good the skin looks and the changes we are creating. We tailor our treatments specifically to how the client’s skin presents on the day. We make sure to provide our clients with the tools and information they need to continue best practices at home. We love that dermaviduals allows us to create vegan-friendly and cruelty-free treatments for our clients and they love it too. We pride ourselves on being a sustainable salon; we recycle up to 95% of our clinic waste. We are leading the way for the industry by being one of the first sole skin clinics to become part of the sustainable salons community, it’s extremely rewarding to know we are making better choices for the future.”

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