Essentials – Dry


Luxurious cleansing and protection for a healthy, glowing complexion

  • Top sellers for dry skin
  • Conveniently top up your favourites
  • Or a perfect way to get started with dermaviduals
Key Ingredients

Cleansing Milk with DMS 150ml
Süüsmoon Lotion N 150ml
Eye Cream 15ml
DMS Base Cream High Classic Plus 50ml


Specifically tailored by us for dry skin.


1. Cleanse the entire face and neck with Cleansing Milk with DMS. This product can be used with or without water.
2. Spritz Süüsmoon Lotion N onto skin or a cotton round and wipe over face and neck.
3. Moisturise with DMS Base Cream High Classic Plus.
4. Apply a match stick head sized amount of Eye Cream on the areas around the eyes.

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