The Products You Need Post-Summer

by | 25 February 2015

At dermaviduals, staying on top of what’s hot and what’s not in skincare is a big part of our work, and, we LOVE our work. We watch for news of advancements in the science of skincare, particularly in the area of corneotherapy, so that we can create the most effective formulations.

There’s something else we keep an eye on, and that’s you. We communicate frequently with the aesthetic professionals who make up our network to find out what’s important to the clients in their chairs. Our goal is to ensure that we’re doing everything possible to help our partners provide the highest level of advanced skincare treatment so that you look radiant.

Survey Says: Exfoliate, Moisturise & Repair Your Summer Skin

We love summer, but not the damage it does to our skin. Exposure to damaging UV rays, chlorinated water, dry air-conditioned air, and other factors can leave skin feeling dry, dull, and flaky. To combat these and other post-summer skin problems, our partners at clinics across the country report that the hot picks for post-summer skin beauty are…

dermaviduals DMS Peeling Cream – Safer than Ever

Even the most perfect skins can benefit from our DMS Peeling Cream. Its gentle formula resurfaces dull, dry, flaky, congested, and mature skin, making it instantly softer and more radiant.

“In light of recent media coverage on micro beads and the major effect they are having on our environment, dermaviduals is proud to reiterate that the dermaviduals Peeling Cream does not contain micro beads, which many other exfoliating products do.”

dermaviduals Green Tea Extract  – Soothes Sun-Parched Skin

This extraordinary plant extract is one of nature’s miracles for post-summer skin. Its potent anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties soothe and calmmature skin, blemish-prone skin, sensitive skin, and skin troubled by conditions such as eczema and rosacea.

dermaviduals Whitening Concentrate – A “Clear Winner” Says the Survey

Designated a “clear winner” in a recent survey on products that even out skin tone, our skin corrector lightens and diminishes excess pigmentation due to sun exposure, ageing, and other causes.The secret is from Mother Nature:

“The botanical extracts…shatter pigmentation and inhibit tyrosinase (the enzyme that activates pigment creation) to reduce future discolouration.” The Daily Telegraph

dermaviduals Vitamin Cream Mask – Like a Cool Drink of Water for Your Skin

Sunshine, excess perspiration, and air-cooled environments conspire to rob skin of its youthful glow. Our soothing facial mask enhances your skin’s barrier and improves hydration to minimisevisible signs of ageing.

dermaviduals Lotion M – Correcting Facial Redness

For skin that has had a little kiss of extra summer sun and has become irritated and red, dermaviduals soothing Lotion M offers a delicate veil of moisturising freshness. It is an excellent solution for diffused redness caused by dry, dehydrated skin.

Kigelia Liposome Concentrate – Skin Healing Properties

A plant known by the charming name “Sausage Tree” yields Kigelia, a powerful fruit extract that has helped generations of women in Africa tighten delicate and sensitive skin on their faces and bodies. This all-in-one product strengthens skin by improving antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant functions.

If you’d like to keep the skin you’re in looking better longer, this is a wonderful time to visit your favourite dermaviduals clinic for some end-of-summer pampering.