Professional Beauty’s Roundtable

by | 21 August 2018

I recently had the pleasure of being involved in Professional Beauty’s Roundtable. Our dermaviduals Ambassador, Robyn McAlpine and I joined other industry thought leaders to discuss the skin industry’s current climate. 


I loved connecting with like-minded therapists and distributors in our industry who are at the forefront of education and formulation. I found it particularly inspiring that we all shared our knowledge with each other as peers, all with one voice and one passion with a focus on creating a future of healthy skin and a healthy environment for our future generations.


Some key points of discussion included:

    • The future of skincare. In particular, where we believe our industry is heading. It was interesting to note that this discussion quickly turned ingredients and how they impact skin.
    • Skintellectualism. We are noticing that our clinic’s clients (you!) are getting skin savvy and researching treatments, products and ingredients, which has in turn created the need for advanced education for skin treatment therapists. I was proud of how we educate our therapists to be at the forefront of technology and skin education.
    • Delivery systems. We talked about the responsibility of formulators as they create new delivery systems and why it’s important to look at what is really getting in through the stratum corneum along with the actives they are trying to deliver. Want to know more about our delivery system? Read up on it here.
    • Men’s skincare. We discussed the false economy of simply changing the label and marketing the product to appear more masculine to simply increase sales. Anyone that knows anything about dermaviduals knows we don’t buy into this! But we do love when our men choose #BespokeForBlokes
    • Future trends. It was great to see a general consensus to towards a more bespoke solution for clients. This is something we’re proud to have been leading the field in for over two decades. 


It’s nice to remember that united together as an industry we can create real change and move mountains but as an individual it’s so much harder to achieve that end goal. Everyone that came together for the roundtable shared the common goal of steering our industry back to caring for the skin, removing all of the hype and bringing skincare’s focus back to skin health. 


Thank you to Professional Beauty for bringing us all together! We can’t wait to see share the videos with our dermaviduals clinics and fans (stay tuned, guys)!


Simone xx