Signature Salon for April – Christine Jack Beauty Therapy

by | 2 April 2012

This month, Christine Jack of Christine Jack Beauty Therapy shares her passion for all things skin.

Q:How long have you been in business?

A: I trained in 1982 and opened my business in 1986. Prior to this, I worked as a Drug Counsellor and Psychiatric Nurse, which gave me valuable skills in communicating well with people. I feel the combination of prior achievements in my career has had a great impact on the overall success of my business in terms of understanding people and their unique situations and needs.

Q: What do you value the most in your business?

A: Independence and autonomy are very important to me. My future lies in my own hands, so if I strive to do my best and work hard, my family benefits. I value each and every one of my clients and I take pride in being able to retain them and build our relationship. Re-booking a client at the time of treatment is vital to the way I run my business.

Q: How do you plan your lifestyle around work?

A: Actually I have always directed work around my lifestyle and family life. Our first child was 18 months old when I started my business; therefore family life had to be kept in proportion to my business. From the beginning, I focused on clients that are truly committed to keeping their skin as healthy as possible. The products they use at home can increase positive results by up to 70% so a commitment to a full prescription is definitely required to obtain the best results. I feel I act as my clients’ ‘personal trainer’. Perhaps as my lifestyle is focussed on the outdoors, I can more easily visualise how important skin health is to people. Many of my initial clients are still with me today, and my philosophy is the same. I don’t waste time with clients that are not committed to skin- they go somewhere else!

Q: How has dermaviduals enabled you to realise your full potential?

A: I am of the opinion that one’s full potential is never reached. I am constantly reassessing and striving for new goals. dermaviduals allowed me to take a ‘professional leap’ in the science of skincare. It leaves many ‘professional’ products trailing in its wake. Years ago I became frustrated and concerned I was not obtaining results from my previously selected ‘cosmeceutical’ skin care line and had stopped believing product ranges could be truly unique and effective. dermaviduals has given me confidence to truly treat the full spectrum of skin conditions; even skin disease. I no longer wake up at night worrying about the skins I will be seeing that day. I know I can correct people’s skin – whether it be maintenance and protecting our skin from environmental stress, adolescent issues, roseacea, acne or pigmentation. dermaviduals offers me solutions to correct any skin concern, condition or disease. Finally I have truly found a unique skin care line, and through this, I can make steps toward releasing my full potential.

Q: Being based in regional New Zealand has its advantages and disadvantages. What attracts your area?

A: I live in a small town of 15,000 people. It is where I grew up and where we have raised our children. As we are close to the N.Z. outdoors it allows me to follow my two passions: mountain biking and camping.

Q: What keeps you inspired?

A: Approaching the problems and stress of my client’s skin, applying a holistic treatment approach and achieving results that are satisfying to both the client and me. Also knowing my future and financial well being are in my hands not others.

Q: What is the single greatest thing you have done for your business to achieve the level of success you are currently enjoying?

A: I had the privilege of working with Christina Cardariu in Melbourne after training. Christina owns a clinic in Melbourne, and this experience allowed me to form my own ideas about what makes a clinic successful and what doesn’t. It instilled in me the importance of professionalism in every aspect of a treatment, from personal approach to standards of the environment. She was a tough mentor, and I appreciated her honesty and integrity. I still stand by it today.

Q: The industry is forever changing – how do you keep up, and how do you know what is hype and what is genuine?

A: I have always taken a deep breath when seeing a new product or machine in a glossy magazine. I believe if one is conversant with the science of skin diagnosis and treatment it is simple to work out what is authentic and valid and what is not. We are very lucky to have a great therapist/researcher in New Zealand called Florence Barrett-Hill, who many will know. She makes the science of skin therapy sensible.

Christine Jack will also be featured in the next edition of Spa Australasia Magazine- make sure you keep your eye out for her inspiring interview!

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