Signature Salon for February – Bliss Skin & Body

by | 18 January 2012

This month, Kellie Pickels of Bliss Skin Care & Body shares her passion for all things skin.

Q: How long have you been in business and what drew you to the beauty industry in the first place?

A: We celebrated our 10th year anniversary on December 1st 2011! I was looking for a career that allowed me to be around people. I like interacting with others & love taking care of people – I still LOVE my hands on role as therapist!

Q: What do you value the most in your business?

A: The happiness of the team and my clients is of utmost importance to me.

Q: How do you find the right balance between your personal and professional life?

A: I try to give 100% to what I am doing at that point in time- if I am at home with the kids I focus on them & when I am in the salon my attention is there (knowing that the kids are well cared for at home)

Q: How has dermaviduals assisted your business?

A: I have 100% faith in dermaviduals – A product that actually does what is claims to do which is help the skin to be its absolute BEST! dermaviduals has corrected the skin of our most sensitive clients as well as achieving fantastic results for clients with a variety of skin types/conditions. Introducing dermaviduals to our clients has further reiterated that at bliss we are SERIOUS about taking care of our clients’ skin & they trust us to do so.

Q: Being based in regional Australia has advantages and disadvantages. What attracts you to this area?

A: I love being part of a community where you get to know the locals. We get to know our customers & they become our friends. Seeing our clients on an ongoing basis makes treating skin their conditions easier allowing for better results – it is very rewarding to know you have helped someone feel happier about themselves!

Q: What keeps you inspired professionally?

A:People!! Clients, team members & others I meet along the way. I love hearing their stories – there are some amazing women out there.

EDUCATION…training….This is MAJOR. I am always looking for ways to improve. The introduction of dermaviduals & MAX+ has really inspired me. It is a perfect fit for Bliss!! – My MOJO is PUMPING!!

Q: If you had one piece of advice for people considering a career in the beauty industry, what would it be?

A: Quite simply – you have to like people & like helping people. To help your clients the best you can, you need to understand that continuous learning is part of your career.

I would say to someone wanting to enter the beauty industry that you need to be committed & prepared to put in the extra hours/hard work initially in order to become the best therapist you can be – once you have found your niche (skin, make-up, waxing etc) study hard so you can become the BEST at it….you can then spend your days doing what you love the most! Your clients will love you for it!

Q: New products and equipment enter the beauty industry almost daily. How do you keep up with this and how do you determine what is hype and what is genuine?

A: I steer clear of fad treatments. My focus is on skin & achieving results for my clients in a SAFE & NON-intrusive way. I WON’T perform (or introduce to the salon) any treatment which I wouldn’t happily have myself (or wouldn’t do on my mum!). The health & safety of my clients is top priority- my clients trust ME to take care of them.
We stick to what we know best, the skin.

Q: You have just celebrated the 10th birthday for your salon- congratulations. You would have seen many changes in the industry over your first ten years. What are some of the aspects you are looking forward to in the foreseeable future?

A: Lots of changes over past 10 years as far as products & equipment go however our focus is still the same- to provide excellent customer service.

My focus for 2012 is education – I want my team to be 100% happy & confident in all areas of their role at Bliss. My aim is to have the people of Albury- Wodonga talking about Bliss & what we offer – I want everyone to know how serious we are about skin care – we want to be known as the skin experts! I think dermaviduals & MAX can help us to achieve this!!

You can find out more about Bliss Skin & Body and Kellie’s passion for her skincare by visiting:

Bliss Skin & Body is located at 552 Olive Street Albury, NSW 2640

Phone (02) 6021 2010