Signature Salon for May – La Bella MediSpa

by | 4 May 2012

This month, Rebecca Miller of La Bella Medi-Spa shares her passion for all things skin.

Q:How long have you been in business?

A: La Bella Medispa have been in business in Parkes for just under 4 years. With 18 years experience, this is Rebecca Miller’s second beauty clinic in Parkes. Rebecca continued her training and skills in Sydney and London before returning to her hometown to open a clinic that reflected her renewed focus and extensive training in skin care.

Q: What do you value the most in your business?

A: Our two most valuable assets are our clients and our staff. We make a dedicated commitment to ongoing training to ensure our staff are highly qualified and we form relationships with our clients so we understand their skin concerns and work with them to solve their skin issues. Our staff and our clients make La Bella Medispa a wonderful place to work; a successful, award-winning skin clinic and a clinic that gets results for our clients.

Q: How do you plan your lifestyle around work?

A: With three children and a busy skin care clinic life is often very busy! With the support of my staff and my family, I manage to spend time in my business, on my business and also as a mother. I believe in the philosophy of a work/life balance and my team support each other to ensure we all achieve that while still working hard.

Q: How has dermaviduals enabled you to realise your full potential?

A: Dermaviduals has transformed the way we administer skin care. We’re able to view each client as an individual and prescribe treatments that suit their particular needs. No two clients are the same, so dermaviduals support, training and top quality products means we can individualise our treatments ensuring our clients get the results they want every time.

Q: Being based in regional NSW has its advantages and disadvantages. What attracts your area?

A: The Parkes and Forbes shire is the most rewarding place I’ve ever worked. We’re able to form lasting relationships with our clients meaning we can start seeing someone before they leave school, watch their skin change as their lifestyle does in their 20’s, watch it change again once they start a family and then still be able to address their needs as they move into middle age and beyond. It means we can take a more holistic view of their skin care and adapt their routine as their life changes. It’s a very rewarding way to work.

Staff loyalty is also high in our area. We form relationships with our staff that we wouldn’t be able to in a larger metro area. As a team, we spend a lot of time bonding and are able to fit in things like staff meetings at a convenient time to everyone.

Skin care issues such as sun exposure are at their peak in regional Australia, however rather than see this as a disadvantage; it gives me an opportunity to participate in local awareness campaigns to ensure the importance of skin care is known.

Finally our clients keep me engaged, interested and motivated. I want to make sure that the people who come to my clinic get the best possible service and have access to the highest quality treatments and products – just like anyone living in a metro area would. I love my clients – they’re funny, they’re fabulous and they make me and my staff want to achieve more and find better solutions.

Q: What keeps you inspired?

A: My clients, my staff, my children, my partner, my family…the list goes on. I am fortunate to have strong support system and am surrounded by people who love what I do and want to help me be better at it. I love to attend conferences and training and talk skin. The more information I have the more motivated and inspired I become.

Q: What is the single greatest thing you have done for your business to achieve the level of success you are currently enjoying?

A: The constant introduction of new treatments and products is what keeps our clinic fresh and relevant. We make sure we are the most educated and well-informed skin clinic in the area and I am constantly listening to our clients and staff to see where we can make improvements or introduce new products. For example, when we noticed we were receiving a lot of clients from neighbouring towns Forbes and Condobolin, we instigated a mobile skin clinic to travel to these outlying areas so these people didn’t have to travel to receive high end treatments. This initiative has increased client numbers, increased the number of people using high end treatments and increased spend per head. Our philosophy is to be proactive so that our clients get the best treatments and we remain the leading skin care clinic in the district.

Q: The industry is forever changing – how do you keep up, and how do you know what is hype and what is genuine?

A: Anyone who knows me knows I’m a straight talker. I’m not afraid to ask the hard questions and I make sure I stay informed and educated so I know what is hype and what is genuine. Building a solid group of colleagues, connections and contacts in the industry also means I get the inside story. I don’t put anything in my clinic unless I’ve researched it, talked to people who have used it and most importantly tried the treatment or product for myself. My clients are important to me. It’s important they get results so I make sure that they get the best possible advice and recommendations available. That’s my job – to edit out the nonsense and to know everything there is to know about the skin care industry so I can give my clients the most professional, trustworthy advice.

You can find out more about La Bella Medi-Spa by visiting:

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Phone: 02 6862 5515