Skin Barrier Balance

by | 5 July 2019

Is your skin feeling dry or irritated? Is it looking red or inflamed? Yes? We hate to be the ones to break this to you, but it is most likely that your skin barrier’s balance has been compromised. A compromised skin barrier is bad news all ‘round, but luckily for you, we get off on restoring skin barriers and in turn your skin health!


If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know dermaviduals prescribed skincare and treatments follow a philosophy known as Corneotherapy. If this term is new to you or you need a refresher, Corneotherapy is all about building up and maintaining the skin barrier so it is healthy, in equilibrium and functioning optimally. When the skin’s barrier is disrupted, the skin is no longer protected from environmental stressors & irritants and it loses its ability to protect and defend itself. Once the skin barrier has been put back into balance using correct topical physiological ingredients, it works as it was designed to, protecting and encouraging skin health. A balanced skin barrier also gives your skin a huge advantage – it makes alleviating and managing skin conditions so much simpler, as your skin is strong enough to either self-manage or tolerate advanced skin correction products such as actives. Plus, you can say goodbye to redness!


If you’ve got a skin barrier disorder, your skin treatment therapist will probably start with the basics to find skin barrier balance. Three hero products that are designed to do just that are our Cleansing Milk with DMS, Suusmoon Lotion N and DMS Base Cream High Classic.

The DMS in our Cleansing Milk and Base Cream are essential for nourishing the skin barrier back to health (and maintaining this), as its ingredients mimic your skin’s composition, meaning they are physiologically recognised by your skin. Your skin is made up of:

  • Phospholipids (DMS contains phosphatidylcholine from soybean lecithin)
  • Ceramides (DMS contains ceramides from yeast)
  • Triglycerides (DMS contains triglycerides from coconut oil)
  • Squalene (DMS contains squalene from olives)
  • Fatty acids & NMF (DMS contains fatty acids from H-PC)
  • Cholesterol (DMS contains sterols from shea nut)

Suusmoon Lotion N provides care to barrier disordered skin through its high oil content. These oils restore natural balance whilst regenerating the natural skin barrier.


DermaClear Clinic recently shared this skin progress shot which shows the power of simple but effective skincare. This lovely client used Cleansing Milk with DMS, Suusmoon Lotion N (night only) and a little bit of DMS Base Cream High Classic. These photos were taken only 10 days apart!



If your skin is feeling less than fantastic, pop into one of our dermaviduals clinics and talk to a Corneotherapist. Trust us, you won’t regret it! Find your closest clinic here.