My Skin Spa is our Clinic of the Month for August 2015!

by | 3 August 2015

Paula Cliffin owns and runs My Skin Spa in Brisbane. After years in the industry, she has tonnes of experience under her belt and loves where the industry s heading – towards skin correction. “I have been involved one way or another in this industry for over 25 years, from the get go I have NEVER called myself a “Beauty Therapist” I have always been a “Skin Therapist” – after all, healthy functioning skin has nothing to do with “beauty”. The industry is becoming specialised and I am gladly following this trend, no longer will clinics be one stop shops with huge menu’s – it makes sense to be outstanding in one or two area’s and not just average at most treatments. I operate out of the Redland City area, 30 minutes south of Brisbane and will be moving the business in the next 12 months to a state of the art complex with medical professionals.”

What keeps you inspired professionally? “I have been exceptionally lucky in my professional life to be exposed to inspirational giants of the industry. When I first qualified I knew I needed much, much more education and basically haven’t stopped since this time, being nearly 50 now I have no intention of ceasing. I have a passion for skin and in turning this knowledge into no ‘BS’ advice and treatments for clients.”


Paula values constant change and innovation. “I can never be accused of standing still, I want to constantly push the boundaries and grow. I am currently introducing Oncology Aesthetics into the business, with certification not far away. What does this mean? It means I can safely service clients who are actively going through cancer treatments. All the guesswork about what can be done, when and how it is delivered is gone – why shouldn’t clients who are not well benefit from touch and feeling good about themselves.”


“dermaviduals is the future of skincare! No longer does one size fit all with products purchased off the shelf. It makes perfect sense to be able to customise skincare to fit in with whatever the skin is currently experiencing – from pregnancy to menopause and beyond and everything in between. I asked myself constantly “why would a client go to a clinic and have the same treatment and buy the same product month after month, year after year, with little to no change to her/his skin or worse yet a decline in the skin?” The answer is simple, they don’t want to. As one client told me recently “I thought I just had to accept my skin was what it is, that I am stuck with it” – this is so far from the truth with dermaviduals. Bespoke skincare and treatments every single time a client comes in from a range that does no harm, yes I am still very excited!”


What is your favourite dermaviduals product and why? “It is hard to choose just one – one of my star products would have to be Lotion N which is one of dermaviduals’ Corrective Tonics (I love these, as they are not just a bit of coloured lolly water!). Lotion N contains essential fatty acids which regenerates the skin, feels like water but looks like milk and sinks into the skin without an oily film. All skins need some EFA’s, especially in this weather.”


Number one skin care tip? “The following is an extract from a recent newsletter and is my biggest skincare tip:

“We have become a nation of over cleansers and exfoliators – thanks to the mega marketing machine which is our media and particularly infomercials – we have become very accepting and at the same time programmed about when and how to cleanse and exfoliate, with the end result being stripped, oil dry and compromised skin. So let’s talk about why we shouldn’t over cleanse &/or exfoliate. Your skin has a delicate and essential layer called the Acid Mantle (also known as the hydrolipidic film). The Acid Mantle is the skin’s very own defence mechanism against moisture loss and bad, foreign bacteria. When your Acid Mantle is healthy, your skin looks alive, fresh, and radiant. It has no signs of dehydration or fine lines. It has an even texture, your pores are refined and you don’t suffer from over sensitivity. Breakouts may occur, however, they seem to disappear rapidly and without scarring. So why would we ever want to damage such an essential layer? Damaging and destroying the very mechanism nature has given us to keep our skin looking and feeling beautiful sounds bewildering, doesn’t it? When you hear the word “exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate”.

BEWARE. When your skin feels squeaky clean, BEWARE.  The delicate nature of our Acid Mantle compels us to take special care of this essential and powerful skin layer. Let’s realign the way we think about the largest organ of our bodies and the micro eco system which protects it, which is our acid mantle. We should be nurturing and supporting our skin’s natural function – not looking for the next quick fix by peeling, abrading, exfoliating and scraping it off to achieve a short term result and in turn creating a long term skin condition!”


“Hype is rife in our industry and unfortunately it makes it really difficult for clients to wade through all the information about what will work and what will not work. The industry is ever changing and the only way to keep up with these changes is through ongoing professional education and then passing on information to clients, they need to be completely educated so they can make the right decisions for their own skin! It is not about how good a product smells or what result is being promised from a piece of machinery – it is about keeping our biggest organ of our bodies intact.”