Skinography is our September 2019 Clinic of the Month!

by | 1 September 2019

Skinography was founded by Kate Michelmore, one of the most respected Holistic Facialists and Educators in New Zealand. Based on Jervois Road in Ponsonby, Skinography has been created as an exclusive sanctuary for those in need of healing. The space was curated with each guest’s comfort in mind. Kate chatted to us about her healing space, “I wanted to create a safe haven for my guests with Californian influences, beautiful earthy Mojav Desert sunset tones coupled with organic lush greenery and textured cream linens. Incense lingers in the air reminiscent of a grounding retreat.”


Kate brings her 18 years of world class experience and knowledge to each of her guests. “When you step into our sanctuary – we hold space for you and your healing. Much of what we do at Skinography is teaching you about self love and embracing how you’re feeling. This is a safe place to release your emotions and what no longer serves you. During each session with us, we invite you to really sink in to that place of healing and restoration. That place right down deep, where the light sometimes doesn’t reach. Our space is your space. Good for the skin. Good for the soul.”


Kate’s intuitive and holistic way of treating skin is based not only on the topical skin care that is used, but also working closely with your internal support – skinside out. Kate has successfully worked with various inflammatory skin disorders such as acne, rosacea, eczema and peri-oral dermatitis to name a few.


If you ask Kate what makes her studio so special, she will always say “When the doors close behind you in our space… you feel safe, you feel calm and nurtured. You know you can trust us and fall in love with us. We are wholly focused on you, because we love you.”


“I opened my studio with the aim of creating a retreat for not only each guest but for my Skinography team as well. The journey starts with caring for the people that look after our guests in order to encourage wellness and beauty from the inside out.” Kate’s mission has always been to bring joy to guests experiences through impeccable customer service, caring, professional and educated advice and a big warm welcome.



Tell us about what makes Skinography special?

“When I was conceptualising Skinography – I knew I didn’t want to be another salon or clinic. I wanted to create a fully immersive experience for each guest, from our tea that I hand blend myself to the playlist that I’ve spent hours working on. Definitely NO panpipes or whale music here! Each element has been crafted with our guests in mind and everything in our space has an intention and purpose.

We work quite differently in that one of our main goals is teach our guests self love, compassion and kindness when it comes to how they see their skin. We are incredibly focused on holding space for our guests healing as well as their skin goals. We introduce ways to increase daily mindfulness and incorporating more whole and nutritionally dense foods to boost gut health. In this very busy and hectic life that we all now lead, stress has become the norm and thus increases our cortisol levels which in some cases causes the innate immune system to go crazy, such as inflammatory skin conditions like acne and rosacea.”



What’s your favourite thing about your job?

“I’m so lucky that I get to work with incredible people everyday! I have a passion for people and my guests fill my cup.”



What is your personal mantra?

“I am the creator of my future. I manifest what I envision in my mind. I have the ability to bring to reality anything I choose. I am magic.”



How has dermaviduals assisted your business?

“dermaviduals has given me the foundations for achieving long term skin health with each guest. Being completely clean and supportive to the skins barrier, cell systems and microbiome, we can work multiple skin conditions. From inflammatory, to even the most balanced.”



What is your favourite product and why?

“Well! This is a hard one! Can I say them all? I’m OBSESSED with the Base Gel! I can create sooo many skin cocktails and I’ve founded the term ‘facial in a bottle’ for it. Now that we’re in spring, my favourite formula is Zinc Liposome Serum, Vitamin C Liposome Concentrate, Green Tea Extract, Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate and Caffeine Liposomes with extra gel to create a deliciously hydrating, skin glowing, juicy mask to pick up the skin post winter! And Face Tonic! And Lotion N!”



What is your number one skin care tip?

“I recommend using a facial oil 3 x a week at night. When I’ve curated a dermaviduals face oil, I always recommend my ‘Power of 5’ to prepare the skin and keep it hydrated so the oil will marry with the skin and sink in seamlessly. Using a warm, moistened flannel, hold the flannel to the skin and do compressions on the skin for 5 seconds, 5 times. This will superficially saturate the skin and the oil locks in the hydration, giving you hydrated, dewy and glowing skin! With amended bonus of keeping the barrier strong!”



For more information on Skinography, visit their website or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.