Skinovations is our Clinic of the Month for November 2016!

by | 2 November 2016

Skinovations, based in Beaumaris, Melbourne is our Clinic of the Month for November 2016. Owner, Jazmin Camilleri, chatted to us about their unique approach to skin love and correction. “If I had to describe our skin clinic in a sentence, it would be that we are a skin destination for those desperate for a skin solution. I must admit, by the time a new client comes through our door – they’ve tried most things to help with their skin and are almost ready to give up. We’ve got a gun team who have a great mix of skincare and treatments at their disposal to help us achieve optimal skin health. Our clinic is located in bayside Melbourne, but most of our clients travel from all over. I’m still in disbelief at how far some people travel to see us. We’ve just been able to really connect with a lot of people who have tried numerous options to help their skin issues and don’t mind travelling to see someone who knows what they are doing. I also believe our vibe sets us apart. We aren’t flashy or ‘clinicy’, we don’t ever use ‘inspo’ pics of airbrushed models, we don’t sell off the shelf programs… we’re just really good at skin and offer a really individualised approach”.




What keeps you inspired professionally? “It is equal parts the enormous opportunity and ability to change the skin (and peoples lives which we see daily), and the fire I carry towards the cosmetic marketing companies that continue to manipulate consumers. Just like many of our clients, I invested a lot of time and money into skincare that not only wasn’t working, but was actually doing damage to my skin. When the penny dropped it was a burn like no other. The day I realised that there are skincare and treatments that work, was the day my skin therapist career was born.”




What do you value the most in your business? “Integrity, individuality, team members, partnerships, education, passion, clients, tricky skins… EVERYTHING! All elements carry equal importance to our business, without one cog the chain working well we wouldn’t be able to deliver what we deliver, how we want to deliver it.”




How has dermaviduals assisted your business? “I chased dermaviduals to firstly meet the demand of an area we had previously struggled to cater to. ‘Self inflicted’ barrier disorders is a growing concern in our industry, and by that I mean that people have been unwittingly giving themselves skin issues from poor skincare products they have been using day and night since they first started on a skincare regime. Whilst we’ve all heard that about that aunty/friend/mother that uses only water/supermarket brand/coconut oil on their skin and looks fabulous for their age – be warned – they are the exception, not the rule! Everyone is different, but sooner or later repeated use of things that aren’t good for us means that there will come a point where our skin just can’t cope. dermaviduals has come to the rescue for us, helping us nurture and correct so many skins back to skin health.”




What is your favourite dermaviduals product and why? “Is it possible to go past a customised serum? A serum, full of active ingredients, delivered to the cells that need them, customised just for me! Literally a signature product. I’m just not that into the whole excessive skincare ritual, but I do want to feed my skin the best, so I was begrudgingly using several products daily. A dermaviduals customised serum is both perfect for my skin and for my convenience.”




What is your number one skin care tip? “Learn to listen to your skin. We all experience life changes including periods of high stress, excess sun exposure, hormone fluctuations and so on, so it makes sense that your skin will behave differently, and you need to adapt. I’m not suggesting changing up your skincare regime blogger style, it could be something as simple switching up your cleanser or doing a home mask midweek when you usually do it on the weekend. As skin therapists, we will give you a skin prescription and framework which is your toolbox and will allow you to give your skin more or less love as your skin tells you.”




New products and equipment enter the beauty industry almost daily. How do you keep up with this and how do you determine what is hype and what is genuine? “Before my life as a skin therapist and clinic owner, I spent several years in sales and marketing type roles (and also have a bachelor and masters degree in marketing), so I’d like to think that I’m extra diligent when meeting with potential partners! In all honesty you don’t have to dig that deep to work out the difference between gimmick and genuine breakthrough – and when it’s your business, you should be doing the work. I think the bigger issue in our industry is integrity. There are way too many cowboys getting around flogging the wrong treatments to clients because they are more profitable, and aligning with ordinary skincare brands because they are easier to sell. It’s a business model that’s really popular – but it’s not ours. Our business is structured so that client results come first above everything else. Having said that, a huge key to success is acknowledging that you don’t know it all, so making sure I keep abreast of how leaders in our industry are obtaining results is something I see as good business practice. I don’t always agree, but it’s good to be aware. I also really value my teams perspective and they have a huge amount of input into the decision making process. At the end of the day, there is a lot of overlap in this largely unregulated industry, and as a skin therapist you need to choose what side of the fence you want to sit on.”




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