Summer Ready Skin

by | 25 November 2021

With summer just around the corner, so too is the time for catching up with family and friends, enjoying festivities and spending more time outdoors in the sunshine! Summer is a time where many of us have some ‘fun in the sun’ and whether you spend time at the beach or simply outdoors, summer is a time where the skin is more regularly exposed to external aggravators such as UV and pollution. This increase in external exposures can lead to an increased risk of inflammation, congestion and dehydration that can leave the skin feeling and looking a little ‘blah’.

To help manage some of the conditions your skin may present with during these warmer months, we have a few hints and tips along with product recommendations to keep your skin in tip-top shape…

Sun exposure and protection

Exposure to both UVA and UVB can contribute to prematurely aged skin, sunburn and even more debilitating conditions such as melanoma and other skin cancers. The difference in UVR is the way in which they affect the skin and its underlying cells and systems. UVA penetrates deeply into the dermis which can lead to genetic damage to cells, photo-ageing (think wrinkles and discolouration or blotchiness) and immune suppression while, UVB penetrates into the epidermis causing damage to cells found within these upper layers of the skin. UVB is responsible for sunburn – which is linked as a significant risk factor for skin cancer, especially melanoma.

To ensure that you are protected from the damage these different types of UVR can induce its important to follow a few simple steps –

Start with a daily application of Sun Cream SPF 15 which will help prevent damage to skin cells leading to premature ageing. This broad-spectrum sun protection formulation is incredibly lightweight, promotes hydration within the skin, is easy to apply and won’t leave the skin feeling sticky!

Choose a Sun Cream that protects from both UVA and UVB. dermaviduals broad spectrum Sun Cream SPF 15 protects against damaging UVA radiation and the SPF 15 absorbs around 93.3% of the damaging UVB radiation meaning that you can enjoy longer in the daylight with reduced risk of burning (when applied correctly)

Due to its lightweight feel, the Sun Cream SPF 15 can be applied after your prescribed dermaviduals moisturiser in the morning. If exposed directly to the sun for prolonged periods, remember to reapply your sun cream frequently. To increase the protection against skin damage it is vitally important to include antioxidants. With that being said, let’s check out the benefits of using Antioxidants…

Antioxidants to provide more support

Antioxidants help to protect the skin from future damage and can also assist in reversing existing sun damage. Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Green Tea are three antioxidants that when used in synergy help to activate immune cells, stimulate collagen production and block free radical damage. When we look at each of these powerhouse antioxidants, they each have their own superpower – Vitamin E (tocopherol) prevents protective lipids in the skin from oxidising; Vitamin C helps prevent hyper-pigmentation and Green Tea is a powerful free radical scavenger, anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and photo-protective.

To further protect against oxidative stress, dermaviduals Vitamin Masks should be incorporated daily. These two antioxidant-packed masks are the perfect option to boost your protection and come in two formulations. The Vitamin Cream Mask has a thicker, creamier texture due to the higher amounts of Shea Butter and oils, giving comfort and nourishment to a lipid dry skin. Whereas the Mask with Vitamins has a lighter more fluid texture, often preferable for Summer or slightly oilier skins. Both products are excellent for long term barrier maintenance and deliver effective results. As well as enhancing barrier protection and skin nutrition, both Vitamin Masks improve hydration, uneven skin tone and loss of elasticity, minimising the signs of ageing.

To get the best from your Vitamin Mask, apply a small amount daily beneath your dermaviduals Sun Cream SPF15 for additional protection.

Hydration – internal and external

The elements that summertime brings such as increased sun exposure, heat, humidity, and changes to the microclimate (think air conditioning) may mean an increased likelihood of dehydration. By increasing your consumption of water you can alleviate this. Higher temperatures and end of year festivities can quickly lead to internal dehydration, resulting in headaches and dizziness. If you’re on the go, carry a drink bottle to get your minimum of at least 2 litres a day.

To boost hydration from the outside, incorporate our favourite summertime Treatment Tonics – Lotion M and Face Tonic. Spray directly onto the face before applying moisturiser and repeat during the day as a refreshing mist throughout the day. Our Treatment Tonics can even be used over make-up with no need to remove and reapply! Storing your Lotion M or Face Tonic in the fridge will provide an ultra cooling mist for the skin particularly after a long day at the beach or in the sun and will provide general environmental protection. Our Treatment Tonics put back into the skin what the environment takes out leaving the skin smooth, hydrated and calm – exactly what is required during the warmer months.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach put to your nearest dermaviduals stockist to get your hands on formulations that are designed to protect, repair and rebuild your skin during summer!