Summer Skin Survival Kit

by | 30 November 2012

Australians love summer and all it brings. However constant exposure to environmental factors, without adequate protection during the summer months, can leave your skin dry, irritated and compromised. It can also speed up the natural ageing process.


Introducing dermaviduals Summer Skin Survival Kit.  Specifically designed for the warmer months, it uses products that combat environmental stress – it’s the perfect summertime solution.

  • Lotion M Moisturising tonic 150ml
  • Mask with Vitamins multivitamin boost 30ml
  • Customised cooling summer moisturising gel 50ml

At dermaviduals, it’s all about the science of skincare. No hype. Just targeted and effective skincare.

This summer, calm sun- exposed skin with our soothing, cooling kit.  Its unique ingredients are specifically formulated to reduce redness and inflammation.  Our products fight against our harsh environment, helping the skin relax and regenerate during the tough summer months.

All dermaviduals products contain only pure and active  ingredients that work with the skin to improve its structure and function.

Available now in Australia for AUD$199, Save $73

Available now in New Zealand for NZD$249, Save $89