The Chook That Needed Corneotherapy

by | 15 March 2019

This has to be one of our cutest before & after stories! This story is about a chook named Raven. Raven is the beloved pet of Nina, an amazing Corneotherapist & owner of Skin Image (pictured below).



Raven is a gorgeous blue/black colour with a vibrant red comb. Nina says “she’s the softest & fluffiest thing. She chases my staffies and they’re scared of her!”



When Raven got sick and wouldn’t eat or leave her coop (not even to chase the staffies!), Nina naturally worried, like any pet parent and took her to the vet. “So I took her to the vet and $80 later, the vet said he couldn’t find anything wrong. He told me I might have to clean out her coop and bedding because of mites, but that didn’t make sense because my other chook was perfectly healthy.”

“So, I took her home and when I picked her up I saw she had what looked like psoriasis, her face was all dry & scaly and her comb and the whole of her face was this unhealthy white, even the rim around her eyes didn’t look right. My diagnosis? Her skin had reacted to some sort of inflammation. My husband thought I was mad!”

We love what Nina did next! “I got some Oleogel Plus on a cotton bud and applied it all over her face once a day for 3 days and now her skin looks totally healthy again! Her face is red again and she started eating and behaving like her normal self! It’s amazing. Why can’t Corneotherapy apply to animal skins as well?!”