The Importance of Moisturising

by | 8 February 2023

Moisturisers have been around for a long time, but with all the skin products at our fingertips these days, are moisturisers still needed and do all skins really need a moisturiser? The short answer is yes!

Why do we need a moisturiser?

Let’s dive a little deeper. Our skin is naturally quite good at creating a protective outer barrier for us. It’s what our skin is designed to do. But in an ever-changing environment that is constantly challenging said barrier, having a skin type specific moisturiser is important to help maintain the proper balance of oil and water and keep our skin healthy, and protected.

Our skin is a permeable barrier. It’s designed to be this way.  However, this means that the moisture from within our skin can evaporate out, leaving us with an imbalance of oil and water, and susceptible to damage in the long-term.


Moisturisers for every skin

How do moisturisers protect our skin?

Often referred to as “dehydrated skin” the real issue here is that when we lose water from our skin, it means our oil and water is off balance. When our water and oil is off balance, it can lead to imbalanced enzyme activity in our epidermis. The enzymes in our skin are what helps the skin to function correctly at a cellular level.

Using the correct moisturiser can keep your enzymes working efficiently no matter the external climate, can help you to do this and keep your skin healthy.

When we have lost water from our skin through evaporation, it is referred to a Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). When this happens, the loss of free water in the skin means our enzymes have lost the ability to function as they should. This has a flow on effect for everything that happens in our skin. Once our enzymes are impaired, so is our ability to create a healthy skin barrier and without a healthy skin barrier, our skin is more susceptible to damage/impairments.

One thing that we can very easily do to support our skin, is to moisturise, protecting it from Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL).

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When should we use a moisturiser?

Our skins permeability and its ability to maintain hydration levels is heavily influenced by our living environment and what goes on around us. This means our skin is constantly adapting and adjusting to help us maintain happy healthy functioning skin cells.

Our skins permeability varies on any given day and will be constantly changing throughout the day based on our environment. If you work in an air-conditioned office or live in a climate where the air is drier, this can lead to higher trans epidermal water loss from our skin. Our skin barrier dries out, leaving leaks in the barrier where the inner hydration can evaporate out into the atmosphere. If you’re in a humid or tropical environment, the humidity in the air means our skin is not so readily dried out, therefore we maintain a more balanced skin internal environment.

If you think about our lifestyles, we can be in any climate at any given moment, walking in and out of buildings, going from a steamy bathroom, into an artificially heated or cooled room, traveling from hot to cold climates, our skin is constantly trying to adapt to multiple environments to help regulate hydration.

By using a high quality, skin-specific moisturiser, we are creating a barrier that buffers our skin from these constant changes. Moisturisers help to add hydration where needed but they also help prevent trans epidermal water loss from the skin and allow us to better tolerate the many different climates our skin is in. Think of your moisturiser as the support system to help your skins innate protective ability.

A moisturiser can help you to create an instant healthy barrier and moisturisers can be adapted to suit the climate in which you spend the majority of your time.

This is the beauty of the adaptability of dermaviduals.

How do I pick the right moisturiser?

Maintaining our skins hydration and oil balance is really important to maintaining the water balance in our skin and the most effective way is to apply moisturiser specific to your skin type every single day.

Not sure which is the right moisturiser for you? With so many options in the dermaviduals range, head to our clinic finder to find a corneotherapist in your area. They will help you determine your skin type and customise a barrier supportive moisturiser especially for your skin.

See your favourite Dermaviduals therapists or search our clinic finder to locate a corneotherapist near you!

Written by Robyn McAlpine