The Power of Oleogels

by | 11 October 2019

Oleogels are one of our MVPs here at dermaviduals – their healing properties are one of a kind, providing much needed nourishment to skin, plus they can be vital in preventative capacities.

Our Oleogel family has grown to four in the past 2 years and now consists of:

  • Oleogel Plus
  • Oleogel K
  • Oleogel N
  • Oleogel R


So, what exactly is an oleogel?


Oleogels are oils in a gel like consistency that contain high amounts of emollients and are virtually free of water which ensures bacteria cannot enter the product. Emollients are ingredients that provide a protective barrier to the skin to control natural trans-epidermal water loss, prevent dryness and improve the feel of your skin, making it smoother and softer – they are essential to battle barrier-disordered skin. Oleogels penetrate the skin easily & quickly, are water resistant, can carry active agents, smooth skin and aren’t greasy. They are also prepared without mineral oils, preservatives, perfumes, dyes, emulsifiers, amines and silicones.


Have you met the whole family?


Oleogel Plus is our OG. It provides immediate barrier protection to reduce roughness, flaking and dryness. It helps rebuild a deficient acid mantle, calm inflammation and prevent dehydration. It is a truly multifunctional product for all forms of dry skin syndrome, essential fatty acid deficiencies and sensitivity. It has a myriad of uses – see 42 of them here. Oleogel Plus is available in 15ml and 50ml tubs.


Oleogel K provides care and protection for the sensitive skin of babies and children effectively and safely with lipids and our natural phosphatidylcholine. Essential fatty acids and bisabolol (one of the active agents of camomile) support the prevention of inflammatory skin reactions and disorders, while urea (in a low dosage) inhibits itching, without irritation. Oleogel K contains essential omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamin E. Oleogel K is available in a 50ml airless dispenser.


Oleogel N has been specifically formulated to replenish, repair and rebuild barrier disordered skins. It also helps to prevent inflammatory skin reactions, reduce essential fatty acid deficiencies and aids in creating healthy corneocyte compaction (cell formation). On top of all of this, it also calms and reduces itching. It contains vegetable oils for oxidative stability and anti-oxidant protection, shea butter for skin conditioning, moisture retention & barrier protection and evening primrose oil for healing & skin elasticity. It is particularly great to treat eczema. Oleogel N is available in a 50ml airless dispenser.


Oleogel R is designed to care for sensitive skin and is especially effective in treating skin conditions such as rosacea and perioral dermatitis due to its high dosage of lipids. It protects skin barrier function, restores overall homoeostasis, is anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial, reduces itching, is rich in Omega 6, and is calming & soothing. Oleogel R is also available in a 50ml airless dispenser.


Our oleogels can be used on the whole body and a little amount goes a long way! Add an oleogel to your skincare armoury by chatting to your dermaviduals skin treatment therapist to see which one is best for you!

Our gorgeous feature image is courtesy of Plume Holistic Skin Therapies.