Educational Blog Series: The ultimate guide to makeup you can sleep in!

by | 20 June 2022

A smooth, clear and even complexion is something that we are all striving for and this can be achieved through the use of appropriate skincare formulations that care for the health of the skin.

All dermaviduals skincare formulations follow the principles and methodologies of Corneotherapy – the methodology of maintaining the first lines of skin barrier defence whilst maintaining tissue homeostasis at all times. Your makeup formulations shouldn’t be any different however, the personal care industry is continually inundating consumers with the ‘latest’ and the ‘greatest’ makeup trends that don’t necessarily have skin health as a main feature!

On trend and in the makeup bags of many consumers worldwide, are makeup formulations that state claims such as ‘stay all day’, ‘long wearing’ and worst of all, ’48 hour waterproof’! How can any of these formulations be conducive to skin health? Well guess what – they aren’t!

Makeup You Can Sleep In

Why are these beauty claims false?


The skin is the largest organ of the body and is responsible for a multitude of functions including protection, thermoregulation and waterproofing. The skin is designed to allow for the active and passive transfer of water, nutrients and oxygen. This in turn allows the epidermis to function at its best whilst also providing the stratum corneum the opportunity to allow redundant corneocytes to desquamate. The fundamental role of your Practising Corneotherapist is to support the strength and integrity of this multifaceted organ by incorporating the use of physiological ingredients which ultimately, provide the skin the nutrients it requires.

Therefore, when we see conventional makeup products that promise the end consumer of their all day ‘stay’ power it goes without saying, that the ingredients within those formulations are not conducive to a healthy functioning skin.

Fragrances, preservatives and silicones are but some of the damaging ingredients that can be found in some makeup formulations. These cosmetic ingredients can lead to irritation and inflammation. In fact, a dermatology study published in 2010 found that more than a third of over 900 study participants had at least one allergic reaction to cosmetics. *Source WebMD

What are the most common allergic reactions caused by bad makeup formulations?


Adverse reactions such as, irritant contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, contact urticaria and pigmentary changes have been shown in some cases and the increase of these conditions is on the rise as makeup formulators continue to include ingredients that degrade the first lines of skin barrier defence.

Fragrance – Often the most common allergen causing allergic contact dermatitis and found throughout many makeup formulations. There are more than 5000 different fragrances are used in cosmetics and skin care products today! It’s no wonder that so many experience sensitivities through the use of some formulations. Not only that, fragrance has been linked to an increase in pigmentation through photosensitisation along with exacerbating contact urticaria.

Preservatives – Used in formulations to protect against degradation and overgrowth of bacteria and other pathogens, preservatives take the place as the second most common cause of skin sensitivity. In a study conducted by Goossens et al, it was shown that among patients with cosmetic allergies, 19% had an allergic reaction to preservatives in makeup.

Silicones – That smooth feeling after the application of a makeup formulation may well be due to the inclusion of silicones. Used in formulations to provide a ‘silky’ feel, thats not all they are doing! These nasty ingredients occlude the skin (think wrapping the skin in cling film) and this can lead to an increase in inflammation. Silicones do not allow for the normal desquamation process to occur and this can also lead to a rough and uneven skin texture over time as the redundant corneocytes are unable to shed completely.

So, taking into consideration the above, do you still want to wear a makeup product that ‘stays all day’? We think not!


Welcome deco by dermaviduals – Individual foundations, powders and liners that provide an extension to your skincare.

deco Customisable Foundation


dermaviduals deco foundation

The deco foundation formulation has been created following the principles of corneotherapy, meaning that the ingredients within the formulations work with the skin and not against it. Customisable, pure and corrective working with deco means that you are sure to fall in love with the benefits this skin loving makeup can provide, while enhancing the visible results that incorporating dermaviduals skincare provides.

deco foundation encompasses all things dermaviduals and follows the principles of corneotherapy ensuring a healthy, balanced skin. Incorporating skin mimicking lipids, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial ingredients. deco provides the skin long lasting nourishment and protection. Packed full of antioxidants, plus Vitamin C and Vitamin E, the deco formulations additionally support the structural proteins of the dermis, leading to a plump and fuller skin. Whilst also brightening skin complexion and reducing the risk of further pigmentation.

deco’s lightweight foundation formulations provide a breathable, sheer application however, if more coverage is required, additional layers can be added. This means that you are in control of how this mineral makeup works for you and your unique skin type and condition. Gone are the days of thick and ‘cakey’ makeup that clumps in all the wrong places, deco glides on like a moisturiser and provides a smooth feel whilst also working to support overall skin health.

Loose Mineral Powders, Blushes & Liners


dermaviduals deco blushes

From customised liquid foundations, mattifying loose mineral powders and blushes along with multi-functioning soft liners, deco is our number one choice for those wanting to extend their skincare into their every day makeup formulations.

Did you know that our non-comedogenic and talc free deco blushes can be used as a contour, eye shadow, blush and a lip cream?! One of our favourite picks is our ‘Light Apricot’ blush which can be used as an eye shadow, to create facial contouring and can be used as a bronzer to provide a shimmering and iridescent pop of colour! Check out the whole range here.

To learn more about dermaviduals deco individual foundations , mineral powders and liners make sure to book your appointment with your dermaviduals skin treatment therapist. You can locate your nearest clinic using our ‘Clinic Finder’.


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