Trending: Hot Colours for Cool Weather

by | 26 March 2014

After a long, hot summer of being a beach goddess going “au naturel” with minimal make-up, it’s time to get a little more buttoned up for the coming cool weather. In this first-of-autumn blogs, dermaviduals is sharing straight-from-the-runway colour picks in every palette from snappy brights to subtle neutrals, from rich jewel tones to delicate soft tones.

Colour Me Bright with Fuschia

What better way to perk up a cold day than with a splash of bright colour? According to fashionistas across Australia, people are talking about bright colours such as cobalt, and emerald green. But it’s hot pink/fuschia that’s on everybody’s lips. Fuchsia looks good on almost everyone, but fuchsia lipstick is especially flattering for women whose skin is wheat coloured with yellow undertones.

hot lips

Fuchsia is a colour that really pops and makes your kissable mouth the focal point of your face. Because it’s such a bold tone, it can be overpowering by day. We recommend that you keep the rest of your make-up (blush and eye colour) on the soft side before nightfall.

50 Shades of Neutral Grey

Black has always been appropriate for formal dress, but black eye make-up hasn’t been in fashion since the “skinny chic” craze of the 1990’s when runway models had pale skin and dark circles underneath the eyes. This year, shades of grey are all the rage.

Like fuschia, grey works well with all skin tones and all ages. To wear this sophisticated hue by day, simply do a soft wash from lid to brow in a light grey. Adding a slightly darker grey to the crease will increase the dramatic effect of your smoky eyes for evening.


smoky eyes

Jewel Tones

If you have a flair for the dramatic, and like wearing a colour that positively drips wealth and sophistication, jewel tones are right for you. Jewel tones run the gamut of red from cranberry to crimson, and also include golden hues, honey mustard, and cool shades of teal and orchid. But perhaps the most vivid of all, and certainly hot for autumn 2014 is emerald green.

Emerald green is especially irresistible on women with brown eyes. That’s because brown is a more neutral colour and won’t clash with the look-at-me intensity of emerald.

emerald eyes

Soft Tones

Soft colours are kind to the skin, whether you’re eight or 80. They include dusty rose, champagne, lavender and ice blue.This year’s gold-on-gold colour palette evokes a ‘nearly nude’ aesthetic that is both youthful and sophisticated.


soft tones

If you’re not up for a full golden girl look, consider using gold to line your lashes for a subtle kiss of colour. You can also apply a sheer gold highlighter underneath your brow to brighten your features.