Urban Beauty – Our Clinic of the Month for August 2014!

by | 1 August 2014

Urban Beauty are our Clinic of the Month for August 2014. We had a chat to Karen, owner of Urban Beauty, to see what makes her tick…

How long have you been in business and what drew you to the beauty industry in the first place?

I have been a therapist for 18 years and owned Urban Beauty for 10 of those years.
I became interested after hearing how my beauty therapist in the UK had left her cooperate job in the city and opened her own salon and how happy she was.


What do you value the most in your business?

You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with and I have the pleasure of working with a great forward thinking team and companies who hold the same principals, integrity and passion for the industry.
How do you find the right balance between your personal and professional life?

Delegation,and allowing staff members to be part of the running and growth of the business. I also have my wonderful friend Caroline who has been with me from the beginning managing the administration of the business.
How has dermaviduals assisted your business?

It was a breath of fresh air. When you have been in the industry for this many years, you can start to feel frustrated and stunted in growth. Having the ability to prescribe for each individual’s skin concerns has allowed us to finally treat and meet our clients expectations resulting in a greater trust and recognition.


Being based in a mall has its advantages and disadvantages. What attracts you to this area?

The diversity. I am fortunate as I get to meet the many wonderful people who call the Northern Beaches home. It took awhile for me to adjust to working in a mall environment as my background is spa and health retreats, but I love the challenges of working in an ever-changing working environment.


What keeps you inspired professionally?

Helping the next generation of beauty therapists find their way in the industry. I love training and research. I also get a great sense of satisfaction knowing I may have made someone feel a little better after a visit.
If you had one piece of advice for people considering a career in the beauty industry, what would it be?

The qualities I believe to being a great therapist are integrity, motivation, empathetic and having a progressive nature. If you have these then it is a great industry that offers wide and far-reaching opportunities and versatility.
New products and equipment enter the beauty industry almost daily. How do you keep up with this and how do you determine what is hype and what is genuine?