What We Learnt from Oprah’s Skin Strategist

by | 24 September 2018

Jennifer Brodeur is the mastermind behind Max+ LED and has over two decades of experience in the skin industry. You may also know her as Oprah Winfrey’s & Michelle Obama’s go-to skin strategist & facialist. We were thrilled to recently have Jennifer in Sydney and Auckland with us sharing her knowledge at her LED Masterclasses.

Team Derma are always hungry for more knowledge and a few of our self-confessed skin nerds shared what they learnt from the talented Jennifer Brodeur.

Steph: “LED Light Therapy uses a combination of wavelengths to enhance skin health (and you know we’re all about that!). It does this by gently delivering precise dosages of light energy to the skin, simultaneously repairing collagen in the dermis, while undoing signs of ageing in the epidermis. The activity generated by the light enhances blood circulation and helps to deliver nutrients and cellular growth. It is such a great modality to use in conjunction with dermaviduals!”

Cheryl: “Everything is colour everyday, light is a multivitamin for the soul and the skin – LED stimulates as it repairs. The combination of wavelengths and photo biochemical effects = visible Light Therapy.”

Jess: “I was fascinated by the phenomenon of ‘destructive interference’. This is experienced when devices operate two wavelengths at once. When two or more wavelengths are combined, they collide and cancel each other out, reducing or eliminating the power of the desired wavelength if they were used individually. For example – the combination of 415nm blue and 633nm red. These two exist on opposite ends of the rainbow, and if used in combination, will cancel each other out. They eye will see magenta, however, this is a direct result of ‘destructive interference’.”

Emma: “One key takeaway for me, was that I learnt to constantly change up the LED Light Therapy Treatments each time. If your skin treatment therapist doesn’t do this, it’s kind of like going to the gym and doing the same exercises and repetitions every time – you won’t get optimal results. By changing up the colours and wavelengths, your skin’s biological responses will be triggered, meaning best results for your skin!”

One thing we know about our amazing industry is that there is always more to learn. We absolutely love the dedication of our partner clinics and skin treatment therapists (and our own staff, of course!) who continually attend educational events such as these to bring you only the best treatments and skincare.

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