What You Can Expect From Your Winter Skin Analysis

by | 14 June 2019

Winter has well and truly arrived and if your skin is anything like ours, it is feeling the chill! Did you know that if the temperature drops below 8 degrees, our sebaceous glands dramatically slow their production of sebum (oil) or stop completely? A lack of sebum weakens the barrier of the skin, which will result in a compromised skin barrier and dryness. If your skin barrier is already compromised, it’s even more important that we focus on maintaining and enrich our skincare routine during the winter months.

The best way to ensure your skincare routine is on point every season is to have a skin analysis as the season changes. This way your skincare is working hard for you and giving your skin everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t. It also means you’ll never waste money on skincare that isn’t 100% suited for your individual skin at any given time.

What tweaks or changes can you expect from such a skin analysis?

Typically in the colder months, your skin treatment therapist will prescribe you with a richer cleanser, such as the Cleansing Milk with DMS or may even create a Bespoke Cleanser for you. Learn more about the importance of cleansing here.

One of our most popular products is the Suusmoon Lotion N. This treatment tonic may be added to your winter skincare armoury for its super high essential fatty acid content, which leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and protected.

Your Base Cream may be changed to one with more DMS or your additives can be changed up to counteract what the cool weather brings. One of our unfiltered and pure oils may be added to your moisturiser to further increase your skin’s lipid content and keep your skin balanced & healthy. Alternatively, your skin treatment therapist may prescribe you a Bespoke Oil Blend if your skin is indicating it needs more.

The above is of course very general – we know that everyone has different skin, with its own set of unique needs. The beauty of dermaviduals is that small changes in your prescription make big changes in your skin!

Don’t forget about your body and hands – they’ll need lots of love too! If you find that your skin is dry and scaly, your skin treatment therapist will be able to alleviate this too.

How does your skin react to changes in weather? Let us know by replying below!