When Your Post ISO-FACE Won’t Glow!

by | 26 June 2020

Are you suffering from ‘ISO skin’?
You need a Skin Consultation – Here is why you need a Skin Consultation after a period of ISO?

For the first time, you’re able to go days without wearing any, or very little, makeup and we thought our skin would be rejoicing! And just when you thought your skin would be feeling it’s absolute best, you begin to breakout. Around the mouth, forehead, chin, and cheeks. And it seems it’s here to stay! When you thought your ‘isoface‘ would be (smooth, healthy, and glowing) it turned out to be the complete opposite: acne-prone, inflamed, dry and lacklustre.

‘Isolation skin’ is the result of; a lack of fresh air and vitamin D, increased stress levels, a change in sleeping patterns, and snacking habits. Spending more time indoors is linked to vitamin D deficiency as well as increased exposure to artificial/dry air. As skin is the body’s largest organ, vitamin D deficiency accelerates its ageing. Not getting enough sun also lowers immunity and increases flare-ups of autoimmune conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis.

As we were still in ISO as the weather started to turn cooler, we had these compounded effects from our air conditioners and heaters, whereby this artificial air further removes the moisture from our skin, causing it to dry out.

Skin has to maintain its moisture levels to look and feel good, but also to heal. Dry skin increases the risk of flare-ups of eczema and other skin conditions and makes your skin more susceptible to infections.

Other factors including stress, poor diet, and lack of exercise while we spent more time at home further exacerbated these skin issues.



Did you overdo your skincare routine just because you were at home?
It may have been tempting to overdo your skincare routine while in ISO at home, by applying a face mask every day and a plethora of serums, but this is a big no-no and likely caused your skin to spin out of control even further, the exact opposite of what you were trying to achieve.

Be careful of beauty DIYs not recommended by a professional!
While it might have been our routine to give ourselves a regular home facial or treatment, we needed to ensure it was under the advice of our clinicians and was the correct treatment for the calling of our own skin condition.

Some clients may have been prescribed beauty treatments such as peels and dermal rollers for home use. This is client-specific and bespoke, and should only apply for certain problem areas for that condition for a length of time. Using these treatments without continued direction from a professional could be detrimental to your skin.



Did we maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly?
Being in isolation may have led to more takeaway and fast foods than you would normally have had in your diet. While it’s okay to treat yourself to takeaway on occasion, a healthy diet is important in maintaining good skin. It should have remained your practice, while in isolation, to ensure you were cooking healthy meals with plenty of vegetables and fresh foods.

Exercise is also important to the wellbeing of our skin. A routine of approx. 30 mins a day as a min, would have supported good all-round health!

A professional skin consultation should be the first step you take when you’re considering re-starting treatments or skincare. The process allows you to gain advice on what is best for your individual needs and concerns. We recommend skin consultations to everyone now that we are easing out of the ISO routine, that we had all become accustomed to. It’s the only way to provide you with expert advice and help you achieve your desired results. It’s also a great feeling hearing advice from a skin expert who is keen to help you. Find your local dermaviduals clinic in our Clinic finder to book in for your post ISO Skin consultation with a qualified Skin Therapist or Corneotherapist.

Our clinics follow a skin consultation process before any treatments are conducted, to ensure your treatment is bespoke and customised especially for your skin’s needs.


(Clinic ready for client Consults: Inspiring Skin Health)


The Process!

Step 1: Filling out a consultation form:
A consultation form will be given to you on arrival, this form contains general and lifestyle information, medical history, and current skin routine questions. This form gives the Skin Therapist an indication of how you are currently looking after your skin, what could be causing certain concerns, and any medication you are using that may impact your skin’s condition. They may well be interested to find out about your own ISO at-home routine!


(Observ: La Bella Medispa)


Step 2: Observ Skin Analysis:
Our Skin Therapists take complimentary skin analysis photographs using their Observ. This machine takes different images, showing them through many layers of your skin. They take these images for every new and existing client, it’s a great way to see the progression of your skin.


(Skin Images from Observ: Balgownie Beauty)


Step 3: The Discussion:
This step is the most important for your Skin Therapist, this is where they are able to connect with you and discover your skin’s needs and requirements. They will discuss your skin history, health, lifestyle, current skincare routine (or what you had adapted to during ISO), and several other factors that could be contributing to any skin issues you may be currently experiencing.


(Skin Consult Room: Stellar Skin & Body)


Step 4: Visual Analysis:
The Skin Therapist proceeds to take you through into one of their consult rooms, to look at and feel your skin. This step allows them to visually see concerns such as pigmentation, rosacea, oil flow, dehydration, congestion, dryness, and much more. The feel of your skin can be a huge concern to you, however small changes recommended to you on the day can start improving that.

Step 5: Recommendations:
Skin consultations can be overwhelming with information, our clinics always approach the skin holistically which allows them to achieve the best results, but it can be a lot to take in on your first visit. To make this process easier for you, they record everything you have discussed during your consult. You will take home tailored skincare home skin treatment recommendations and any lifestyle and/or diet changes discussed and recommended. Our clinics connect with their clients and aim to bring you towards your skin goals.


(Client Treatments: Soul Awaken Skin Therapies)

Let us know the best advice your dermaviduals Skin Therapist offered you, post ISO in the comments below!

(Featured image courtesy of ‘skinfocus’ NZ)