Why Education Is Our Jam

by | 3 August 2018

Education is at the core of all we do at Derma Aesthetics. We LOVE furthering our own knowledge, sharing skin information with you guys, educating our partner clinics and creating opportunities for like-minded skin nerds to unite and talk about their favourite topic.

Education is also at the core of how we, as a company, came about. Our Co-Managing Directors’ meet-cute was actually at a skin education seminar hosted by Florence Barrett-Hill (global skin educator and Chairwoman of the IAC). Over a shared love of skin, Derma Aesthetics was born!

Fast forward 8 years and we are constantly working towards our aim of advancing the level of knowledge in cosmetic chemistry, advanced skin analysis and Corneotherapy throughout Australia and New Zealand, to ensure best practice and to train a new generation of engaged and inspired therapists. We are proud to be known as a provider of quality education designed for enhancing post-graduate knowledge.

We are passionate about the skin structure & how to make it function and it’s so rewarding seeing skin treatment therapists develop and renew this same passion for the skin and beauty industry.

With like attracting like, our Team Derma is now bursting with staff wanting to better themselves and impart knowledge & inspiration wherever they go!

Got a skin question? Hop onto Facebook or Instagram and ask – we’d love to chat! Or if you’re a skin treatment therapist learning more about what we’ve mentioned in this blog, get in touch!