Why You Should Streamline Your Skin Care Regime

by | 19 May 2020

When it comes to skincare, more does not equal more. Go back to basics – your skin will thank you for it.

Once upon a time (specifically between 2016 and 2018) we looked to Koreans and their 10 step regime as the gold standard for skincare. Magazines spoke of diligently applying 10 products every day to reap the benefits of glowing skin, K-beauty style.

dermaviduals clinic, Skintifix, owner and Skin Therapist, Robyn McAlpine says “Our skin is not here to ‘perform’ – ie. to be something that it’s genetically not”, “Skin is a rather complex, yet simple organ and it can be tempting to go crazy with the amount of products we use. Many of the skin concerns I see are caused by an overuse of skincare products that haven’t been the perfect fit or from mixing and matching too many ingredients that overload the skin.”

If it sounds like a lot, that’s only because it is. Read on here for full article: